Paying $20 To Go Green

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06-03-2008 16:29:39

Hey guys, It's Eboni again. I've completed a few offers and I'm looking for 5 referrals for the following website

I'm paying $20 for going green! If you have any questions, PM me or IM me at (Myspace IM & MSN) or mspacmansbitch (Yahoo IM). Thanks so much!


06-03-2008 19:51:06

I forgot to metion that I will pay $5 extra dollars if you green in 24 hours!


08-03-2008 05:03:44

This Is Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Bump! GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY!

If you are interested, please leave a message here then PM me. Thankies!


09-03-2008 11:05:32

Just Another Bump...