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06-03-2008 07:10:57

Hi my name is Kim and I am new here to all of this. I am here to advertise my services to complete IFW's for payment. I am honest, and reliable and looking to network here to build working relationships with honest people only. Contact me for greens for green


08-03-2008 10:44:37

PM sent!! I would love to give you a hand. ) I have a TR of 78 on the FLR forum and a project payday mentor!! Looking to build up my TR on this forum and could use your help!! This could be the beginning of a MUTUALLY PROFITABLE relationship!! Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!! D


08-03-2008 13:08:44

What sites are you looking for greens on. I am looking for a new site called

We could green for green, but I pay so much for this site, you may just rather take the cash from me, I am paying double for it this week...($50 I usually pay $25) See my thread or PM me for details.

I have guide and trainning material for you or for you to use to help your referrals green fast and effectively. I also just like to chat.