$20 per offer EASY TO GO GREEN

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01-03-2008 22:23:51

i'm looking for people to go green on zeropricetags.com for me
i'm paying $20 via paypal for a completed offer
the offers are real easy, inexpensive and fast crediting
PM me if you're interested

sandra habina

01-03-2008 22:49:06

Welcome to the fipg - I would love to help you get started. PM sent


02-03-2008 02:50:40

Hello I have this easy 1 offer site $25 on payout


pm me for link to get started.


02-03-2008 09:40:44

[quote0d0d6670b3="makinskrillz"]im a newbie here
lookin to make some cash
PM me with help please[/quote0d0d6670b3]

I have a TR of 78 on another forum and also a project payday mentor. Please PM me and we can get started earning you money immediately!!


02-03-2008 14:21:33

[b396320c6fc]Welcome, you are in the right place!

My name is Michelle and I'm here to help you succeed!

~Let's begin by me telling you what I will do for you~

liI will be very patient and helpful. I will help as much or as little as you need!

liI will recommend excellent sites for you!

liI will send you detailed instructions to assure that you get credited.

liI will be available to answer any questions that you may have.

liI will even offer support via phone, if requested!

liI will help in any way that I can!!

liI will pay as soon as you go green!

~Now, what you will do for me is~
Give me....

liAn honest effort!

liGood communication!

liA willingness to learn!

I was new once too, so I know what it's like.

It can sometimes be frustrating when you are first starting out. At times, you may even feel like giving up (I did), so you want to make sure that you are trading with someone who is helpful and patient, like ME!

PM Sent!
D [/b396320c6fc][/color396320c6fc]


02-03-2008 15:40:01

Here we are... I want to trade with you. I want you to be one of my referrals so I can pay you. What else is there to say? Will you be my referral? I'll be your best friend...

All these sites (aside from Flatscreens.Freepay) are completely, 100% repeatable. That means that you can cash out as many times as you like. Many of them offer cash out with only 1 referral. So you could green for me, find on person to green for you, and BLAMMO! You get paid. In fact, I have already been paid by many of the networks a number of times.

$30 --> Flatscreens.FreePay (liliTOP PRIORITYlili)
$27 --> Cash.ZeroPriceTags (1 credit, repeatable)
$27 --> Phones.ZeroPriceTags (1 credit, repeatabale)
$27 --> JockMonster (1 credit, repeatable)
$27 --> PayPal.Incentive-Rewards (1 credit, repeatable, 1 ref cashout)
$27 --> Canadian.Wish4Free (1 credit, repeatable, 1 ref cashout)
$30 --> Rocketbills (1 credit, repeatable, 1 ref cashout)
$30 --> 60.Forcebucks (1 credit, repeatable, 1 ref cashout)
$30 --> Cash.CustomOrderThis (1 credit, repeatable)
$37 --> Games.ZeroPriceTags (1.5 credits, repeatable)
$50 -->Wii.PrizeShopper (1 credit, repeatable, 1 ref cashout)
$50 --> iPods.PrizeShopper (1 credit, repeatable, 1 ref cashout)
$50 --> 360.PrizeShopper (1 credit, repeatable, 1 ref cashout)
$55 --> MyBackyard.Git-R-Free (2 credits, repeatable)
$55 --> Comps.Somethin4Nothin (2 credits, Macbook Air)
$100 -->TreasuryPayPal.Wish4Free (4 credits, repeatable)
$125 -->Platinum.Wish4Free (5 credits, repeatable)

So if you want to trade with me, PM me. If you have and questions about helping to ensure your offers credit, or you just want to chat me up (because I am so hot I have to wear frozen undies), PM me. I'm pretty approachable.



03-03-2008 11:31:26