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29-02-2008 08:34:32

March Paying Big Special . Here are the sites I am paying on for the entire month of March also its my Birthday so you know what that means . Birthday Blowout Bonus Time . There are going to be many raffles for this month . I am once again heading to Panama as a Camp Counselor so I need to raise $1500 thats why I am paying so high . I am hoping to get great Volume. Here are the sites Below if your interested in going green send me a PM . I also provide Newbie Support as well D .

First we have my 1 Credit Sites .

http// $35 for 1 Credit

http// $23 two day approval

http// $28 on Green

http// $60 1 Credit payment on Green

http// $23 on Green

http// $22 on Green

http// $25 on green

http// $25 on approval 3 days 1 Level A offer

2 Credit Sites

http// $75 on approval 2 Days D

This are my main sites I am promoting now if your interested send me a PM .



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