Vontage Offer (I will green TODAY)

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26-02-2008 11:42:57

I want to sign up for Vontage viop service and weve all done offers and know vontage is one of the offers you can sign up for. I am looking to go green on the highest paying trader who can provide me with the highest payout on a site featuring Vontage. I know there are some Vontage offers that give up to 2 credits others give 1...I just want the highest paying possible offer with Vontage.
Willing to green TODAY, as I want Vontage installed in my home asap.


26-02-2008 11:51:06

PM sent


26-02-2008 11:59:45

Please post your offers here as I dont feel like getting bumbarded with PM's...Thank You.


26-02-2008 12:53:00

Well, hmmm....I can't find any Vonage offers~except for Canadians. How do you feel about Lingo? It's a VOIP just like Vonage and it's $21.95 per month.


26-02-2008 13:18:03

sorry but ive never heard of lingo and vontage is very well recognized and has plans starting at 14.99 per month along with a free month if u sign up...ive seen many vontage offers but i cannot sit and look thru countless freebie sites...

who can find me a good vontage offer gets my green as i will be checking back and forth becuz i want to get it done asap...


26-02-2008 15:09:27

I have searched on a bunch of different sites and the only offer I see any more for Vonage is a Canadian one. You might be out of luck on that one. I did that offer and you might want to pm me before you sign up for them. It may be why they aren't on any more sites. (


26-02-2008 22:03:36

awww that sucks...i remember though there use to be sooo many....i know theres gotta be one out there


27-02-2008 13:19:56