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26-02-2008 10:49:35

I'm new here and I'm just looking for some sites that are easy to start with. Thanks.


26-02-2008 10:56:05

hello I have an easy 1 credit sites to do

http// $30

http// $20

http// $25


26-02-2008 11:25:23

Hi, I have very easy 1 credit sites. The best thing about my sites is that once you go green, you're green for life. Cash out referrals as much as you want! And they're very easy, some offers are even free. I'm paying $25-$30 a site.

Click the link in my signature to go to my trade thread, or just PM and let me know.


26-02-2008 12:03:38



26-02-2008 12:47:26

PM Sent


26-02-2008 14:22:40

Here are some easy sites.

$27 Canadian.Wish4Free (1 credit Canadian site)
$27 Cash.ZeroPricetags (1 credit required)
$30 Flatscreens.FreePay (1 offer required Can be100% free for Canadians, not sure about U.S.)
$37 Games.ZeroPriceTags (1.5 credits required)
$50 NotebookMonster (1 credit required)
$50 Wii.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)
$50 360.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)
$50 iPods.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)
$55 Comps.Somethin4nothin (2 credit, get a Macbook air)

Let me know.


26-02-2008 16:45:31

Hello and welcome!! Pming you!

sandra habina

26-02-2008 17:52:59

Hi there - welcome. I have some very easy 1 offer sites and I would love to get you started.


26-02-2008 18:47:09

I have some easy sites!! And a great guide to get you started. I'll pm ya


26-02-2008 18:48:02

[bba5796a970]I am offering 1 site at the moment. It is very easy and only 1 credit.[/bba5796a970] - [bba5796a970] $35 on green[/bba5796a970][/colorba5796a970]

[bba5796a970]Recommended to all newbies![/bba5796a970][/colorba5796a970]

[bba5796a970]Let me know if you're interested. Thanks[/bba5796a970]


27-02-2008 14:07:38

Hello there,

I have few sites you might be interested.

$25 http// - 1 credit
$27 if green within 24 hrs.[/colorf6e5399f62]

$25 - http//
$27 if green within 24 hrs.[/colorf6e5399f62]

$25 - http//
$27 if green within 24 hrs.[/colorf6e5399f62]

$25 - http//
color=red]$27 if green within 24 hrs.

$25 - http//
color=red]$27 if green within 24 hrs.

$45 - http// - 2 credits
$50 if green within 24 hrs.[/colorf6e5399f62]

$90 - http// - 4 credits
$100 if green within 48 hrs.[/colorf6e5399f62]

Instant payment on green.[/sizef6e5399f62][/colorf6e5399f62]

I will be available on aim babetran84[/colorf6e5399f62] or yahoo lil_babieblue420[/colorf6e5399f62] if you need assistant and/or help!!!

If youre interested, PM me back with the site so I can set up the trade. Please let me know which site you would like to complete when PM me back. =)

Looking forward to trade with you!!!

Feel free to PM if you have any question. Im willing to help!



27-02-2008 18:40:09

Easy 1 Credit Sites Below. Great income generators for newcomers.


$25 on Green

$35 on Green

$20 on Green

$20 on Green

$20 on Green

PM me if interested.