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24-02-2008 18:18:29

[b3047f25289]Non- Credit card sites!! Also repeatable! These are the easiest sites you'll ever do!


$10- http// 1 credit and your green (one or two offers)

$5- http// - Go green for free!! Just .25 of a credit to go green. Nothing to buy, just verify your phone # and address!!)

$10- http// Same site as above .5 credit to go green.

$10- http// One Credit and your green!! [/b3047f25289][/size3047f25289]

http//[" alt=""/img3047f25289]

[color=blue3047f25289]How to get credit-
1) Make sure you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox.
2) Clear your cookies. If you are having problems with clearing cookies, let us know and we can help you.
3) Disable any popup blockers, antivirus software, and/or firewalls you have setup. These programs can block the tracking scripts from reporting your credit.
4) Once you reach the confirmation page of the offer, wait about a minute before closing it. Closing too quickly can result in the sale not crediting back to your account. [/color3047f25289]

[size=183047f25289][color=red3047f25289]Pm me if your intrested. I'll send you the links [/color3047f25289][b3047f25289][/b3047f25289][/size3047f25289]


26-02-2008 05:47:20

Free Money!! Nothing to buy!!