Need ExpoTV and Money Exchange refs, make big money!

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24-02-2008 13:04:55

Hey, I'm paying for sign ups on and

Rev Money Exchange is a new payment processor looking to dethrone Paypal. Some of its perks include no fees for transferring money between two member, and a free $25 on sign up. Signing up is easy, takes maybe 10 minutes. RME is confirmed legit, people have already made several transactions with them. They have a referral program too, and I'm offering $3 paypal to sign up under me. I need an email to send an invite too, so be sure to include that.

ExpoTV is a site that hosts consumer product review videos. You make a video reviewing a product - anything from your favorite movies, to your favorite beer - and then submit it to ExpoTV. You can receive up to $10 per video! It must be at least a minute and show yourself reviewing the product. Also, on Expo, you get $.01 per view your video gets, and ExpoTV also has a TV station, if your review is good enough to appear on TV, you will recieve an additional $25! This month(Feb) the movie cap is 50 movies per user, so you could receive up to $500 absolutely free!

To qualify, you must sign up under my referral link and submit a video to ExpoTV and it must be published. Its free to join, and is legit. Once your video is published, I'll paypal you $1.50! Easy as that.

Please PM me if you are interested.


25-02-2008 13:14:59

Push it to the limit!


25-02-2008 13:48:29

Does it require Audio???


27-02-2008 19:46:19

Yes it does(how would you review it without being able to hear you talk?).



28-02-2008 09:40:44