Trying to build TR/Paying 85% for a limited time!!!

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23-02-2008 15:34:37

[bd203ff956d]I am an up and coming trader. I have a TR of 2 on Flr and TR of 3 on a4f (same username). Several trades under way. PPD member. PayPal verified. [/bd203ff956d]

[bd203ff956d]I have the following sites for TRADE OR SALE
(li)For a limited time (trying to up my TR) I am paying 85%(li)
$32 lili1 creditlili
$32 lili1 creditlili
$51 lili1 creditlili
$102 lili3 creditlili
$102 lili3 creditlili[/colord203ff956d]

$134 lili4 creditlili[/colord203ff956d]

[listd203ff956d]Until my TR reaches 4 I NEED to trade with someone who already is. But I will consider trading with anyone.

Payment in 12 hours or less after green (I have a full time job, not able to be online all day)

If you go red after payment, refund is required.
Must be PayPal verified to trade

If it is a trade, LOWEST TR greens first. If equal TR, trader who has been a member THE LESSER OF THE TWO greens first.[/listud203ff956d]

Can reach me via PM, AIM (poppabear221), Yahoo (poppabear221), or email[/bd203ff956d]

sandra habina

24-02-2008 04:16:25

Welcome to FIPG - you will like it here. Have you thought about doing any of the 1 offer to green sites like Trainn or 123.stuffforfree sites?
Alot of new traders are looking for those. Just a thought dear.

I can help build your TR but I am only paying for refs at this time.


24-02-2008 19:00:27