Open To Sign Up To Most Websites - Will Accept Paypal/Trade

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21-02-2008 05:55:22

Im new to the scene, only got 1 free ipod from freepay so far.

I need 9 x referral at and Im a bit skint at the moment so offering trades or if you have already done this website I could do with some cash!!!

PM me with details, as I am a new user I will complete offer before being paid BUT you must have good karma AND a high trading record.


21-02-2008 10:45:56

I can't do your site, but I'm paying $25 for If you're interested, just pm me.



21-02-2008 12:23:29

Just sent you a PM with my offers below, and also for


21-02-2008 12:25:26

Is it 1 credit site? Do u have an Offer list for this site? PM me... )


21-02-2008 12:55:56

PM sent!


21-02-2008 13:00:23

sent over some sites to you.


21-02-2008 13:37:48


Some great offers sent to you.


21-02-2008 13:57:34

Here are a few great sites for all. I am sure that you can find something that will interest you. Payments will be made on green unless you give me a reason not to trust you. If for some reason you do go on hold, you will be expected to refund me immediately. Please, if you say you are interested in doing a site for me, don't just sit on it forever.

$27 Canadian.Wish4Free (1 credit Canadian site)
$27 Cash.ZeroPricetags (1 credit required)
$30 Flatscreens.FreePay (1 offer required Can be100% free for Canadians, not sure about U.S.)
$37 Games.ZeroPriceTags (1.5 credits required)
$50 NotebookMonster (1 credit required)
$50 Wii.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)
$50 360.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)
$50 iPods.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)

As you can see there is something for everyone to do.