Who Wants Money On Green Fast Crediting !

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20-02-2008 02:39:58

Welcome everyone to my trade thread come on in from the rain or the snow and make some money ! D

I am paying for the following sites On Green ! $$$$$$$$$$$$$[/color58d048519e]

http//www.youroutstandingfreebies.com/viewoffers.php?step=2 $50 one credit payment on green if your TR is higher than mine otherwise on approval which takes 1 day D He pays every SAt.

http//iphone.123stuffforfree.com/viewoffers.php 1 Credit $18 on Green or $20 if within 24hrs

http//50.hotgifts4you.com/viewoffers.php 1 Credit $25

http//customorderthis.com/viewoffers.php 1 Credit $25

http//zeropricetags.com/view_offers.php 1 Credit $25 1 Credit

http//cashrewards.git-r-free.com/view_offers.php $23 1 Credit

http//yourhugerewards.com/viewoffers.php $30 on Green 1 Credit

http//apple.yourgiftsfree.com/viewoffers.php $22 on green 1 Credit

http//gifts.thefreespree.com/viewoffers.php $20 on Green 1 Credit

If you do two of my sites you get a $5 bonus !

If you do 3 of my sites you get an $8 Bonus

If you do 4 of my sites you get a $15 Bonus

All payments will be made on green to verified paypal email addressed

Let Start today remember do not sign up at the links above those are only the offers . But send me a message or reply to my thread and I will contact you !

To get you started , Please do not be afraid to ask questions .

Please send me a PM if your interested same day payouts as well . So there is no waiting for your payment . Trade with someone you can trust D All payments are on green if your paypal verified.

So for everyone who signs up and completes one credit they will be paid $25 on Green !

Steps to trading with me the site must be complete withing 3 days .

Always use accurate information while completing a site.

Never Complete an offer more than once .

Ask for help if you donot understand !

Send me your paypal email and also sign up email via PM .

Clear your cookies before signing up on the site .

Stay on the confirmation page after you complete an offer for at least 5 minutes before closing out.

In order to get paid timely follow these steps.

God Bless and come and make some money D ![/size58d048519e][/size58d048519e]


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