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17-02-2008 15:17:43

Hello, thank you for checking out my post. I have four great sites that will give you a great start if you are new and will be easy greens if you're a veteran trader. These are all 1 credit sites. I pay more than average on a green. Quick and easy. PM me if you are interested.

http// - Paying $60 on Green
http// - Paying $25 on Green
http// - Paying $35 on Green
http// - Paying $35 on Green



19-02-2008 10:11:34

bump it up


20-02-2008 16:31:47

check out what i've got


20-02-2008 17:00:31

Hi there,
I have found it really difficult to get greens on the forum without a good trade record, and you need to be at least a 4 to set up a trade with someone else under 4 i.e. a newbie. You may want to consider going green for someone else to bring up your trade record... just a suggestion. Have a great night!!


21-02-2008 22:54:19