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14-02-2008 18:24:09

I'm new and looking to get started. I've read over project payday so I have a good picture how things work. I'm just looking for the best sites to start on. Thanks.


14-02-2008 20:02:32

Hey I have plenty of sites I sent you some good ones to review .


14-02-2008 20:06:04

Welcome. I sent you a PM for a site I am trying to finish up.


14-02-2008 21:18:09

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14-02-2008 23:06:35

Hey there. Working on some ez sites. Pm me and let's start making you some money!!!!!!!



15-02-2008 08:21:44

Offer is on its way! D


15-02-2008 08:36:21

I have many high paying fast greening sites. Believe me not all sites are created equal so it is good to ask questions and choose wisely. Look for sites that are repeatable, meaning you are forever green and can get as many cash prizes as you earn over time. Also V-Bux have fantastic support, they are literally the friendly support I have used!! Also try to find traders who will pay you more than 50%. (Yeah they will smack me for that) but come on the newbie is the heart of this opperation, make sure you getting the most for the work yo are doing. That is why when possible I pay out up to 75%. I have been paid as much as 108% to do the sites I have went green on!

Just a few pointers to help you along.


17-02-2008 16:32:09

Hi, I have easy 1 credit sites that are repeatable and have high pay outs. Send me a PM and Let's get started. I will show you step-by-step instructions on completing your first trade.

Thank you kindly.

sandra habina

17-02-2008 16:44:23

Welcome - pm sent with some info.


17-02-2008 17:35:37

Here are a few great sites for all. I am sure that you can find something that will interest you. Payments will be made on green unless you give me a reason not to trust you. If for some reason you do go on hold, you will be expected to refund me immediately. Please, if you say you are interested in doing a site for me, don't just sit on it forever.

$27 YourGiftCards4Free (TRAINN)
$27 FlashiPods4Free (TRAINN)
$27 Canadian.Wish4Free (1 credit Canadian site)
$27 Cash.ZeroPricetags (1 credit required)
$30 Flatscreens.FreePay (1 offer required)
$37 Games.ZeroPriceTags (1.5 credits required)
$50 NotebookMonster (1 credit required)
$50 Wii.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)
$50 360.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)
$50 iPods.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)

As you can see there is something for everyone to do.



22-02-2008 03:56:49

[quote57e153c1be="boondocks367"]I'm new and looking to get started. I've read over project payday so I have a good picture how things work. I'm just looking for the best sites to start on. Thanks.[/quote57e153c1be]

P.M. me back with your choice and I will set it up for you. You can do all of
them if you like.Here is a list of the sites that I am doing. I pay on green and
give bonuses, hope to work with you. P. M. me after you have made your



Take your pick, these are great sites. I pay on green and will pay quickly.

Easy Sites!!!!
Paying $40 - 500.free4me - 7 Needed
Paying $25 - Giftcardsyourgiftsfree - 3 Needed
Paying $25 - Ps3.Ordergiftsfree - 2 Needed
Paying $25 - Xbox.360.ordergiftsfree - 7 Needed
Paying $25 - gifts.hotgifts4you - Need 6
Paying $25 - videoipod.whypayitsfree - 5 Needed
Paying $45- AllForOneyourgiftsfree - 2 Needed
Train Sites
Paying $25 - YouriPodTouch4free 7 Needed
Paying $25 - 10 Needed
Paying $25 - 10 Needed

Extra $5 BONUS If you green under 48 hrs on my sites...
Do 2 sites, extra $5
Do 3 sites, extra $10