$80 FAST on GREEN. Highrollers.v-bux] Surprise Included :)

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13-02-2008 06:32:18

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[img="8fcc5acb92]http//i74.photobucket.com/albums/i272/superteenj/Ipod32gbimage.jpg[" alt=""/img8fcc5acb92]

[size=48fcc5acb92][color="#000000"]Hi, I'm Psychosis. Let me psyche you out with my fast greenablility and my graphics. My site is [color="#FF0000"]highrollers.v-bux.com. So yeah, anyways, the "surprise" is a graphic of your choice in addition to the fact that your getting paid. I am paying 60% of what I am recieving...Unlike my competitors who are offering only half.[/color].
It's not a hard site at all, and the rewards are great and for a low amount of referrals. They custom order just about anything. I luff them. )
The service is amazing and you can even call the owner and talk to him. Basically, as you might have already noticed above, I am trying to get a free 32gb iPod Touch. I intend to custom order one and have it engraved. ) So, lets conduct business.[/color][/size8fcc5acb92]
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[b8fcc5acb92][color="#FF0000"][size=38fcc5acb92]CONTACT INFO (Emailruffncool@gmail.com) (AIMhockeyguy351)[/size8fcc5acb92][/color][/left][/b8fcc5acb92]
[color="#000000"][size=48fcc5acb92]Guidelines Basically, you go green and I pay you $80. I pay quickly. ) Feel free to contact me. I'd also like to add the fact that don't let my low TR be the reason why you don't want to engage in business. I am more active on A4F and I have good TR on that site. Look me up. ) [/size8fcc5acb92][/color]

[size=48fcc5acb92]In addition to you completing my site, and I pay you, I will also include a free graphic of your choice. Scroll down for my examples. Just PM me and I'll bring your ideas to life![/size8fcc5acb92][/center]

[b8fcc5acb92][color="#FFA500"][size=48fcc5acb92]FOR THE SUPRISE ( YOU GET A FREE SIG/GRAPHIC of YOUR CHOICE AFTER I PAY YOU. YAY!!!!)[/size8fcc5acb92][/color][/b8fcc5acb92]

[img="8fcc5acb92]http//i74.photobucket.com/albums/i272/superteenj/example.png[" alt=""/img8fcc5acb92][/CENTER][/font]