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11-02-2008 02:07:47

I was new to the freebie world not to long ago and didnít no where to start or who to trust. Give me a chance to show you that making a few extra bucks and getting some great stuff in return is the way to go. Some of the offers you complete could be given as gifts , have a garden in your kitchen , get discounts on jewelry , get paid to apply for a credit card and more cool stuff. These are all easy sites and Iíll pay right away when you go green. I also have some great templates to keep you organized.

Please View the offers and then PM to set up a trade. Do not sign up until you have pm so we could record this trade.
One Credit Offers[/bb118061898]

http//ipods.ezbies.com $25[/colorb118061898]
http//giftcards.ezbies.com $25[/colorb118061898]
http//plasmas.ezbies.com $25[/colorb118061898]
http//iphone.ezbies.com $25[/colorb118061898]
http//cash.ezbies.com $25[/colorb118061898]
http//gaming.ezbies.com $25[/colorb118061898]
http//pgaming.ezbies.com $25[/colorb118061898]
http//www.ezbies.com $25[/colorb118061898]
http//money.123stuffforfree.com $20[/colorb118061898]
http//cashout.wish4free.com $25[/colorb118061898]
http//www.jockmonster.net $20[/colorb118061898]

[bb118061898]One and Half Credit Offers
http//bonus.zeropricetags.com $30[/colorb118061898]

[bb118061898]Two Credit Offers[/bb118061898]

http//plasmas.zeropricetags.com $50[/colorb118061898]

Complete 1 offer
http//www.yourfreevideoipods.com $30[/colorb118061898]

liAdd $2/site for each additional 1-credit site you completeli

liAdd $3/site for each additional 2-credit site you completeli

PM to setup a trade or if you need help with anything else

Take care and good luck![/colorb118061898]
[/sizeb118061898] D D 8) wink


11-02-2008 19:14:01

Hey is it to early for me to bump my thread?