Perfect Offer! Easy 1 credit offers! Make up to 80$!!!

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Welcome To the great New Elistios Freebies Corner!![/size40e61f55a6][/color40e61f55a6]

cheer cheer

New? Lost? Need some help and guidance? I Can help you to get started in the world of Freebies!

eng101 Before we get started FAQ

1-[/color40e61f55a6]RELAX! Take it easy, it's not a race. Take your time to do it the right way!

2-[/color40e61f55a6]Before accepting and Scheduling a Trade make sure to have a look the offers and make sure you are able to complete them (Especialy if you are Canadien as some offers are USA Only)

3-[/color40e61f55a6]What is going Green??

Answers Going green meen that you need to complete offers to gather the required amount of "Credit".[/color40e61f55a6]

4-[/color40e61f55a6]What are "Credits"?[/color40e61f55a6]

Answers 1 Credit does't always mean 1 offer but simply that each offer as a value in terms of credits. To cover 1 Credit offer you can either EX

1 x 1 Credit Offer
2 x 1/2 Credit offer
3 x 1/3 Credit Offer
4 x 1/4 Credit Offer And so on...[/color40e61f55a6]


Now for my Offers

lililililili(Please make sure to contact me so i can send you my referal link, DO NOT Complete the offer using these link and do not register for them before you get my referal link if you want to get paid)lilililili[/color40e61f55a6]

lilililiCOMMUNITCATION IS THE WAY TO GO!! toast ^-^ Vlililililili[/color40e61f55a6]

I'M Paying on GREEN[/color40e61f55a6] so once you confirm me that you have turned green (that you have completed an offer and have been confirmed as green by the website where you completed your green, i will confirm that i have receive the green and once confirmed, we will arranger the payment via your Paypal Email Adress.

lililiImportantlilili[/color40e61f55a6] Make sure you are a Paypal Confirmed member before you get started.

1 Credit Offer[/color40e61f55a6] 100% Repeatable[/color40e61f55a6]

liliAgain Make sure to contact me so i can send you the good link if you are interested, do not complete these offers unitl we both set a Trade in the Trade Managerlilili

lililiSPECIAL OFFER[/color40e61f55a6] Green on 4 of these offers and get a[/color40e61f55a6] 15$ Extra Bonus! [/color40e61f55a6]lililililili[/color40e61f55a6]

http//[/color40e61f55a6] 20$ For Green[/color40e61f55a6]

http//[/color40e61f55a6] 25$ For Green[/color40e61f55a6]

Easy for New members (only need 1 Referal!)[/color40e61f55a6]
http//[/color40e61f55a6] 20$ For Green[/color40e61f55a6]

http//[/color40e61f55a6] 10$ For Green[/color40e61f55a6]

lililiSPECIAL OFFER[/color40e61f55a6] Green on 4 of these offers and get a[/color40e61f55a6] 15$ Extra Bonus! [/color40e61f55a6]lililililili[/color40e61f55a6]

Feel Free to contact me at anytime I will get back to you ASAP Within Max 12 hours. mail Just reply in this topic asking for more info or for my links and it will be a pleasure to help you to get started! ^-^ v

LET'S GET THIS STARTED!! FINALY AN ONLINE BUISNESS THAT REALLY WORK! [/color40e61f55a6]bow Thanks FIPG![/color40e61f55a6]


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Hi there,
I have found it really difficult to get greens on the forum without a good trade record, and you need to be at least a 4 to set up a trade with someone else under 4 i.e. a newbie. You may want to consider going green for someone else to bring up your trade record... just a suggestion. Have a great night!!