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I want to help YOU go Green!
Are you Hungry enough to go Green?

http//www.freefever.com/animatedgifs/animated/money20.gif[" alt=""/img8ae3ba37f8]

I am only looking for honest people to work with.

I am Paypal Verified!

[size=188ae3ba37f8][color=red8ae3ba37f8]My RULES & Stipulations PLEASE READ Before deciding what offers you want.[/color8ae3ba37f8][/size8ae3ba37f8]

1. When you register for the Site please get the site done within 72 hours. COMMUNICATION IS KEY HERE. Just please communicate with me. That's all I ask. I am understanding.

2. Please inform me of your info. What name you are on the FORUM for payment and the email you used to register on each Trade site
Ex. User name Sharon2277 (siteFLR), Paypal email==Username@email.comUsername@email.com=Username@email.comUsername@email.com/email, and my Site email= email=username@email.comusername@email.com email=username@email.comusername@email.com/email

3. I will only Send payment if you are VERIFIED and Have a Paypal Account!! If you aren't Verified you need to be to get paid.
NOTE I won't send payment if your not VERIFIED.

[size=188ae3ba37f8]1 Credit[/size8ae3ba37f8]

http//CashRewards.Git-R-Free.com lili$22 once GREENlili Need 3

http//www.rocketbills.comlili$28 once GREENlili Need 3 People

http//40.macrobucks.com lili$25 once GREENliliNeed 5 people!

http//zeropricetags.com lili$20 once GREENlili Need 3 People

http//YourHugeRewards.com lili$30 once GREENlili Need 5 People

http//www.cameramonster.net lili$20 once GREENlili Need 3 People

http//www.cashparrot.com lili$20 once GREENliliNeed 3 People!

http//bose.v-bux.com lili$35 once GREENlili Need 3 People!

[size=188ae3ba37f8]3 Credit Site[/size8ae3ba37f8]

[url=]http//BigScreens.Git-R-Free.com[]http//BigScreens.Git-R-Free.com[/url] lili$75 Once Greenlili FAST GREEN HERE!

[size=188ae3ba37f8]4 Credit Site[/size8ae3ba37f8]

http//DuctTapedBundles.Git-R-Free.com lili$75 once GREENlili

I thought these 3, 4, 5 Credits were HARD,I WAS WRONG I GREENED INSTANTLY!!! These are awesome to get under your Trade Record...Awesome $$!!

[img="8ae3ba37f8]http//www.animation-station.com/money/animatedmoney/lrmoney.gif[" alt=""/img8ae3ba37f8]

[size=188ae3ba37f8]1 OFFER SITES[/size8ae3ba37f8] Easiest ones Out There!!! Great Payout Too!
http//www.YourFreeiPhone.com/index.php lili$30 once GREENlili

http//ps3.123StuffForFree.com lili$25 once GREENlili

http//www.YourPS34free.com/index.php lili$25 once GREENlili 5 Referrals

http//www.YourNintendoWii4Free.com/index.php lili$25 once GREENlili 5 Referrals

http//www.YourFreeFlatscreen.com/index.php lili$25 once GREENlili

http//www.YouriPodTouch4free.com/index.php lili$30 once GREENlili Need 7 Referrals

http//www.yourfreeistuff.com/progress.php lili$25 onceGREENliliNeed 6 Referrals

http//www.360Elite4free.com/index.php lili$30 once GREENlili Need 10 Referrals

[img="8ae3ba37f8]http//i153.photobucket.com/albums/s235/revmyspace2/graphics/other/pimp/bdf8ef11e3182d646b59d0c01a0eca11.gif[" alt=""/img8ae3ba37f8]

I really can't believe how SIMPLE these Offers are!! My first 4 offers were this SIMPLE!!! It took me 2 minutes of my time for each offer And that's about it. They all went GREEN FAST!!!

[img="8ae3ba37f8]http//i35.photobucket.com/albums/d177/Shunsi221977/PaypalFeb6-16th.jpg[" alt=""/img8ae3ba37f8]

Please leave me a Message here and then PM me.

If interested Please leave me a message for any details you may need. I am AVAILABLE almost ANYTIME! Please don't Hesitate to Contact me, Here, IM or Email.

[size=188ae3ba37f8][color=red8ae3ba37f8]REASONS FOR GOING RED[/color8ae3ba37f8][/size8ae3ba37f8]

liliNever complete a site more than once, so for example if you've gone green on 360elite4free.com , you cant go green on it 360elite4free.com again for someone else, if you do you will RED/HOLD/BANNEDlili
liliNever use Prepaid giftcards or virtual cards--they are illegal on freebie sites. if you do you will go RED/HOLD/BANNEDlili
liliNever Complete an offer more than once--if you do you will go on hold/RED/BANNED. Even if the offer LOOKS similar--do not take the chance. If you complete blockbuster once, you may NOT do it again on any site under any condition!lili
liliNever CANCEL AN OFFER IMMEDIATELY AFTER SIGNING UP! This goes along with the rule only do offers that you are interested in. If the offer is for a 10 day trial membership, try out the membership for at least 7 days, if you do not like the offer then it is okay to cancel. If you cancel an Offer the same day you signed up for it YOU WILL GO RED/HOLD/BANNED!lili
liliNever Use Fake information (such as fake phone numbers, fake addresses, emails, etc). This will be detected by the site and your account will be put on HOLD/RED/BANNED.lili
liliNever use AOL or other proxies as your Internet Service Provider to access these sites. AOL and other ISPs use a web proxy and IP addresses may be identical to other users logging on at that time. STAY AWAY FROM AOL and HUGHES NET, if you do you will go RED/HOLD/BANNED!
liliNever check your site from 2 different IP address, if you do you will go RED/HOLD/BANNED.lili
liliNever have 2 different people make accounts for the same site/networt from the same IP address or you will go RED/HOLD/BANNED.lili
lili Never TELL REFERRALS WHAT OFFERS TO DO! This is considered walking a referral through and is a violation of all freesites T.O.S. If you are caught doing this YOU WILL GO RED/HOLD/BANNED and so will your referral. This is a bit tougher to track but if you do it you will get caught.lili

P.S. If you go RED after I pay you , you are expected to Pay it back to my Paypal no if's ands or butts....[size=78ae3ba37f8][/size8ae3ba37f8]


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do u still need referrals for youripodtouch4free.com. send me a pm saying you'll pay $30 with your link and i'll sign up.


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R u interested in trading G4G? If so, PM me. I can help u on a few sites. D


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