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07-02-2008 16:17:39

SPECIAL!! Complete Two Trades
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You can do the special more than once, but “each pair of trades” must be identified beforehand, are not interchangeable with other trades and must be completed as a set. You must sign up at the trade websites within 24 hours. There is a time limit of 1 week for “going green”; however, if there are special circumstances, extensions will be granted, but you must let me know. If you go “red”, then within 48 hours, you are expected to either correct the problem or refund the money you were specifically paid for that trade whether it was doubled or not. I reserve the right to pay on approval, any one I suspect is engaging in fraudulent activities. This offer can end at any time, so you better get it while the “getting” is good!

“How to Check Your Forum Trading Partner’s Reference” [/color093dae638c][/size093dae638c]
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Xbox’S, Ipods, Cellular phones, & Cameras are cool! But iPods don’t pay the rent! If you desire to make money, and want it as fast as possible, then you are in the right place! The Trades being offered here will put cash in your pocket, and most importantly, should do it with the minimum expenditure of your time and effort! And, perhaps, most important of all, they position you for continued success in the future! So if you want to see the money, then you are in the right place!! Let’s make some money!

These sites are 1 point each! They pay out at 1 Referral – which is a very important feature when starting out in this business! You won’t have to wait to get 3, 4, 5, 6 or more Referrals! You can get paid for them as you get them! This makes a big difference to your cash flow!

Check out the great offers I have and post a reply in this thread and PM me. Remember, the website links below are not my actual referral links. I will provide them to you once we have established a trade. [b093dae638c]You never want to sign up without making sure you are using the correct referral link![/b093dae638c]











lili 3 Referral Payout


YouriPodNano4free.com ~ $20

FlashiPods4free.com ~ $20

The are TRAINN Websites and they only require completion of one offer!
They are very user friendly and an excellent place to start!
They do have a "cash" payout option!


When you are ready, just post a reply in the thread and PM me. I will
respond as quickly as possible and help you get through the “greening”
process. If you need help of any kind - just let me know! If you just want
to talk strategy and get some questions answered - just let me know!

I am a Project Payday Mentor – if you need assistance - just let me know!
Complete Step-By-Step Training Provided. I have just starting trading on
this forum but have been active another forum. PM for my information.

If you don't see a program you are interested in - let me know.
I have many other programs that aren't listed!