Can do almost ANY site!!!

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07-02-2008 11:23:28

i can do almost any site. i have not done a freebie site in years and i need to get some quick cash right now. im looking to do simple sites that have easy offers. i can do any newer site and most older sites. i can do the offer as soon as trade is started. i only want to do a few sites so send some bids at me and i will check them out.

PS. i am not a nexicash rep. i ran the site for a week or two and got rid of it to another kid(looks like its dead now). i have not been on here in a while so it needs to be changed if any mod sees this.


07-02-2008 11:35:55

Hey i got lots of Git-R-Free sites.. Let me know if you wanna do any.
$8.50 http// (0.25 No credit card site)
$17 http// (0.50 No credit card)
$35 http// (1 credit)
$35 http// (1 credit)
$35 http// (1 credit)
$36 http// (1 credit)
$70 http// (2 credit)
$105 http// (3credit)
$105 http// (3 credit)
$145 http// (4 credit)
$145 http// (4credit)
If you find anyone paying more than i am, then let me know, and ill pay you more than what there paying.


07-02-2008 12:00:48

Hello I have an easy 2 credit site $25 on green


Pm me if interested.


07-02-2008 12:16:35

Some sites just sent to you.


07-02-2008 12:31:14

some you some sites.


07-02-2008 12:35:12

LOTS of sites to choose from! I'd love to make a deal. PM is on its way!



07-02-2008 13:55:23

pm'd u with site. hope to hear from ya!! good luck!!


07-02-2008 14:41:54

alright...looks like i got some good offers. i will figure out what ones i want to do and get back to everyone if not by pm in this thread to see if i want to do more.

sandra habina

07-02-2008 15:06:21

OK - well looks like I might be late getting in. I would love to work with you. I have some great easy fast crediting newer sites.


07-02-2008 18:46:58

Here are a few offers for you.

$27 Cash.ZeroPricetags (1 credit required)
$30 Flatscreens.FreePay (1 offer required)
$37 Bonus.ZeroPriceTags (1.5 credits required)
$37 Games.ZeroPriceTags (1.5 credits required)
$50 NotebookMonster (1 credit required)
$50 Wii.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)
$50 360.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)
$50 iPods.Prizeshopper (1 credit required)

Let me know.


09-02-2008 12:31:43

If you are still interested, I have some great one credit, forever green, one referral cash out sites. PM me if interested!


09-02-2008 12:36:06

Wanna make some fast cash? PM me and lets trade!
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$50 http// 2credits
$30 1 credit
$25 http// 2 credit (all one credit offers)
$25 http// 1 credit
$25 alot of no cc offers you can green for free!1credit
$25 360elite4free 1 credit trainn site
$22 http// 1 credit
$20 http// 1 credit
$20 http// 1 credit
$20 http// 1 credit
$20 http// 1 credit
$22 http// 1 credit
$5 http// no cc site
$7 http// no cc site
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