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07-02-2008 11:17:49

Hello And thanks for looking. [/size28d312ed9f][/color28d312ed9f]
Feeling a little confused? I stood in the same place you are in right now. We all have to start somewhere. I will help walk you thru. If I don't know the answers I will find out for you. I am pretty new to this stuff, but have had great help. My time spent here has also well worth it! [/color28d312ed9f][/size28d312ed9f]
I can also offer full phone support (yes I will call you). [/size28d312ed9f][/color28d312ed9f]

These are the sites I am working on right now. They are easy sites with lots of offers to choose from. [/size28d312ed9f][/color28d312ed9f]

http//[/color28d312ed9f] $30[/color28d312ed9f]
http// [/color28d312ed9f]$24 [/color28d312ed9f]
http// [/color28d312ed9f]$45[/color28d312ed9f] Valentines Special [/color28d312ed9f]
http// [/color28d312ed9f]$56.25[/color28d312ed9f] Valentines Special[/color28d312ed9f]
http// [/color28d312ed9f]$24[/color28d312ed9f]

Check out there offers. If you see something you would like to try, reply here and send me a private message.
I will then send you the referral link and set up the trade in Trade Manager. When you complete the offer requirements and go green I will pay you via PayPal. [/size28d312ed9f][/color28d312ed9f]

http//[" alt=""/img28d312ed9f]

[size=2428d312ed9f][color=green28d312ed9f]So send me a message. I will be on all day. [/color28d312ed9f][/size28d312ed9f]


08-02-2008 20:29:13

I'm on and ready to deal.


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