The Daddy Is Looking For A Dance Pahdnah

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05-02-2008 04:15:24

Hello Boys and Girls! The Daddy is an experienced trader from another board looking for a dance pahdnah. I will explain here what I would like to do, and you decide if you are willing to be that pahdnah.

First let me explain that I am an experienced trader looking to green between three and five sites in order to both build my paypal and my TR. How I will work is, I will complete the first site (After reviewing it for the criteria outlined below) then expect prompt payment. Once payment is recieved for the first site I will do two more. I will then expect payment for sites two and three. I would also then be willing to do a green for green trade on two sites of yours for the return of greens on my sites.

Some paramiters I expect to have met in a dance partner.

1) Be experienced as I believe all five sites should be done within eight to ten hours, definately inside the next 24 hours. Looking for proficincy, not alot of hype.

2) I want sites that are repeaters, sites that are EASY to fulfill the obligation, most definately sites where crediting is fair and it wont take more than five dollars maximum to complete. (I reserve the right to review each site as it is brought into the deal to verify it meets the crediting and cost guidelines posted here, as well as, to verify that there are enough offers for me to complete the site. I will not take on a sight if I am not certain I can complete it, and complete it quickly.)

3) Would like to complete sites for a fee of no less than 30 Dollars. As I said I am an experienced trader, and I expect to be paid a little more for both the number of sites I will be doing, as well as, a notion that the sites will be done within a matter of minutes to a maximum of a couple hours once the deal is begun.

4) Must be proficient with the trading system here at FIPg, to gurantee that at the end of this deal I have the appropriate number of TR. Also must be willing and patient enough to make sure that by the end of our deal that I know how to work the system and grow my TR as appropriate in my future trades here.

5) My dance partner must be willing to be online and in communication throughout the entire trade in order to gurantee a smooth transition into the next phase of the deal. I want to make some money, not sit and wait for a trader to send my paypal or green on my site.(when we reach this phase of our "Dance".)

6) Trader must have the available sites in both directions to complete any agreement. In other words, remembering that I am an experienced trader and have completed many sites, one must have sites available that meet the above requirements that I am not already registered with an account there. Also they must have the availability to green somewhere on the networks that they will need to green on.

Now we see whos paying attention, and who I am going to report for spam. It would be further helpful to anyone seeking if I know you from the other board, this would put you in the ideal situation. If you need to ask what board then you dont know me. If you dont know me this will not exclude you, so please post in this thread your credentials. You may be the Dance Pahdnah, for I dont recognize many of yall here.

ALSO DO NOT PM ME. Did that in caps to see If people are reading my request or just throwing links at me thinking they are going to spam my attention. i WILL REPORT SPAM AS SPAM. If you are interested in being the Daddys Dance Pahdnah, Post here in this thread and tell me why you are the Prettiest Gal At The Dance (figuretively speaking). If you PM me and have not posted in this thread I will not read your post but simply forward them on to the authorities here as spam.

If you are not willing to do the green for green at the back end of the dance you could still get my attention. I would expect a little more compensation, and would prefer to have one person work five sites with me, but convince me that I should look for a second partner to finish the deal.

So We can dance if you want to, we can leave your friends behind...cause your friends don't dance, and if they dont dance, well there no friends of mine!

But Dont leave me thinking.....

Our lives...are better left to chance....I COULD HAVE MISSED THE PAIN...but id of had to miss the dance!

sandra habina

06-02-2008 02:12:35

Hello and Welcome to FIPG. I notice you have alot of conditions.

Can I ask you what username you use on the other forum - I could not find you. Perhaps it is just me but I wanted to know how experienced you are.

By the way - I love to dance, but I like to lead. )