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Welcome to my thread. I have lots of 1-referral sites I like to steer new people to. They're easy, cheap, and pay quickly. lol

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1. Please enable all "cookies". 2.Go to the site link you want to checkout. Make sure there are offers you would like to do(that you haven't done before on this or any other site. Don't sign up yet. You won't get paid, if you do) 3. If you have picked out a site or sites you would like to complete, Please go to my thread and click on "initiate trade' and follow the instructions. 4. PM me and I will confirm the trade and send you the actual links to click on to gain access to the sites. 5. Once done with your offers, PM me and we will keep track of the crediting. 6. Once crediting is complete, you will send me your Paypal e-mail address and I will immediately transfer your money to that address. DONE! P GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS



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