Sites w/ FREE $ NON CREDIT CARD OFFERS!!Paying $20-$45/site

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02-02-2008 21:30:50

Hi there! I am new in this forum but not in freebie trading. I am an active member of another trading forum FLR where I have a trade record of 295 already. This is a screenshot of my trade record in FLR.

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I know this whole process of freebie trading can be overwhelming and confusing. So I will make it easy and simple for you.
I compiled all together perfect sites just for you as a newbie.
These sites gave me credit when I was starting out like you

GREEN on this site at no cost to you
PERFECT for NEWBIES...lots of FREE & non credit card offers
I am paying [color=green060148a6ec][b060148a6ec][size=18060148a6ec]$20[/size060148a6ec][/b060148a6ec][/color060148a6ec] on green on each of these sites.
[color=blue060148a6ec]Videogames.Git-R-Free[/color060148a6ec] [/b060148a6ec]

GREEN on this site for $3 or less
lots of FREE and $1 offers
GREAT for NEWBIES...very friendly sites in terms of giving credits
I am paying [color=green060148a6ec][b060148a6ec][size=18060148a6ec]$25[/size060148a6ec][/b060148a6ec] [/color060148a6ec]for a green on each of these sites
Super easy 2 credit site, has lots of FREE non credit card offers
GREEN on this site for less than $5 or at even no cost to you...
[color=blue060148a6ec][b060148a6ec]GetSkinny.Git-R-Free[/b060148a6ec][/color060148a6ec] (2 credits) [b060148a6ec][color=green060148a6ec][size=18060148a6ec]$45[/size060148a6ec][/color060148a6ec][/b060148a6ec]

GREEN on this high-paying sites for me and get HUGE PROFITS
Lots of $1 offers that credit.
I am paying [color=green060148a6ec][b060148a6ec][size=18060148a6ec]$30[/size060148a6ec][/b060148a6ec][/color060148a6ec] on green on each of these sites.
[color=blue060148a6ec][b060148a6ec]60.Macrobucks[/b060148a6ec] [/color060148a6ec]

Please post here or send me message if you want to work with me and I will send you my step by step guide on how to do offers and green.
You can also send me an instant message at YM, or at AIM, screenname is malenkapchan so I can give you a live support in doing this.

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04-02-2008 15:52:08

bump..anyone, please trade with me


07-02-2008 14:20:57

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