>> Paying $30 up front to go GREEN on first response.

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=73463


01-02-2008 17:53:11

arrow Need some folks to go GREEN for me on http//www.freebies4me.net/.

Will pay $30 up front to the FIRST person to respond since I'm new to this particular forum, but you have to pay it back if you don't go green within one week. [/color7739555614]

Paying $30 on GREEN on http//www.freebies4me.net/ for all others.

PM me for more information.

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sandra habina

01-02-2008 18:01:23

Honey you can not have your ref link # on the post.


01-02-2008 18:02:40

Much thanks... fixed just for you..

[quote15283e6dbb="sandra habina"]Honey you can not have your ref link # on the post.[/quote15283e6dbb]