WILL GO GREEN for Paypal-make offer!

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30-01-2008 16:33:34

I'm looking for EASY sites to work with. If your TR is lower than mine I expect your payment first after I confirm trade...been burned one too many times not doing it that way.
I'm only interested in sites that don't require more than 2 offers to green and generally have low complaints regarding slow crediting or not crediting at all.
I will try to green instant and if I went first expect payment ASAP on green. Please don't contact me if you are planning to be out of town or will be otherwise unable and unavailable, to complete your end of the trade (paypal) within 24hours of green. I am not interested in paypal on approvals. Let me know what your site is so I can check out the offers before confirming trade. Please reply here AND also PM..thanks!


30-01-2008 16:37:58

Hey I will pay you $23 for Free Spree one Credit can you do it !


30-01-2008 16:49:35


I have a few EZ sites that you may be interested in. Below is a list of each and how much I pay on green. Just let me know if you are interested and I will setup the trade


[b67ba1f6bb9]All 1 Credit Sites[/b67ba1f6bb9]

[b67ba1f6bb9]Instant payment on green.[/color67ba1f6bb9][/b67ba1f6bb9]

$20 - http//cash.zeropricetags.com/offers.php

$20 http//www.gaming.customorderthis.com/offers.php

$25 - http//gifts.ultimatefreebies.org/viewoffers.php

$18 - http//gas.123stuffforfree.com/viewoffers.php

$20 - https//techx2.com/wii/viewoffers.php



30-01-2008 17:32:52

Working on sites below. Pm'g now.




30-01-2008 17:40:07

PMing you!

sandra habina

30-01-2008 17:41:39

I see you are accustomed to 123 sites - How about Radio.123stuffforfree

Or I have 60.macrobucks and many others.


30-01-2008 17:45:29

Hi! I need Gadgetmonster and Cokie.ordergiftsfree
$25 each on green.
Let me know if interested! I'll also PM you.


30-01-2008 19:08:46

Sent you a PM with some easy sites


30-01-2008 20:51:04

PM'd you some great sites, good crediting


30-01-2008 21:12:36

Hey, I can pay you $35 on green for Gear.Free4Me.net (1 or 2 offers) plus a $5 bonus if you're green in 24 hours!

Freddy Fred

30-01-2008 21:33:25

PM Sent


30-01-2008 22:10:46

Thanks everyone.. I'm working on some right now and will get in touch when I get them green (or at least waiting on green lol) Thanks!


30-01-2008 22:44:19



30-01-2008 23:26:53

$25 for sports.hotgifts4you, apple.git-r-free.com, cash.git-r-free.com All 3 are 1 credit sites...Complete all 3 and I will send a $5 bonus!


31-01-2008 01:31:45

pm me for a quick 200 bucks


31-01-2008 04:33:17

Would love to work with you. I have a good record, I have been scammed too, but I have never scammed anyone.

Take your pick, these are great sites. I pay on green and will pay quickly.

Easy one credit site
Paying $30 - Gaming.YourGiftsFree -Completed
Paying $60 - 500.free4me -7 Needed
Paying $25 - Giftcardsyourgiftsfree - 3 Needed
Paying $25 - Ps3.Ordergiftsfree - 2 Needed
Paying $25 - Xbox.360.ordergiftsfree - 7 Needed
Paying $25 - gifts.hotgifts4you - Need 6
Paying $12 - Giftmonkey - 3 1/2 - Needed
Paying $25 - videoipod.whypayitsfree - 5 Needed
Paying $65- AllForOneyourgiftsfree - 2 Needed

Extra $5 BONUS If you green under 24 hrs on my sites...
Do 2 sites, extra $5
Do 3 sites, extra $10


31-01-2008 18:18:15

I've sent you a PM with my sites.


02-02-2008 21:50:03

Hi, I have a lot of great easy 1 credit sites. sending you a pm


03-02-2008 01:46:36

Wanna make some fast cash? PM me and lets trade!
pay on green . Make $50 EZ site!!!!!!!!!!!Also have a site with over half the offers no cc needed. green for free (key2free) and get $25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also have trainn sites!!!!!!!!!! Pm me for my links. DO NOT sign up yet, these are not my links. just to see the offers.

$50 http//allforone.yourgiftsfree.com 2credits
$30 www.rocketbills.com 1 credit
$25 http//50.anydollardeal.com 2 credit (all one credit offers)
$25 http//50.hotgifts4you.com 1 credit
$25 www.key2free.com alot of no cc offers you can green for free! 1 credit
$22 http//giftcards.wish4free.com 1 credit
$20 http//gifts.thefreespree.com 1 credit
$20 http//cashout.wish4free.com 1 credit
$20 http//wii.123StuffForFree.com 1 credit
$20 http//displays.123StuffForFree.com 1 credit
$22 http//cash.hotgifts4you.com 1 credit