Ready to Go Green!!

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30-01-2008 16:25:28

I'm ready to go green. If you have at least a twenty rating please send you trades my way.


30-01-2008 16:42:49

I sent you a pm please get back to me D


30-01-2008 16:46:52


I have a few EZ sites that you may be interested in. Below is a list of each and how much I pay on green. Also if you have any questions or need help, trade or not trade, feel free to send a pm my way or contact me on aim @ [b67b3faacbc][i67b3faacbc]sunwers[/i67b3faacbc][/b67b3faacbc].

These links below are only to the offers page for each of my sites. So, please DO NOT sign up thru these links. If you would like to trade just pm me with what site you would like to do and I will send you my referral link.

[b67b3faacbc]All 1 Credit Sites[/b67b3faacbc]

[b67b3faacbc]Instant payment on green.[/color67b3faacbc][/b67b3faacbc]

$20 - http//

$20 http//

$25 - http//

$18 - http//

$20 - https//

PS.... I have some step by step info to help get you started if you need it.



30-01-2008 17:47:30

Hi! I need Gadgetmonster and Coke.ordergiftsfree
$25 each on green.
Let me know if interested! I'll also PM you.

sandra habina

30-01-2008 19:11:41

pm sent with more info.


30-01-2008 20:48:42

PMING take a look!


30-01-2008 20:50:18

PM'd to you some great offers.