$30 ON GREEN 50.hotgifts4you NEWBIES WELCOME!

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25-01-2008 17:51:53

hello and welcome. My name is Joel and i have several sites i am working on right now. Being somewhat of a newbie myself, i am very newbie friendly. I will be more than happy to help you green on any of my sites
and will pay you promptly as soon as you do. I will also be there to answer any questions you may have and help you any way i can.

Here are just a few sites i am working right now.

$30 50.hotgifts4you
$25 freebiemonster
$25 freespree (fast and easy credits)
$25 cashrewards.gitrfree
$22 giftcards.wish4free
$25 giftmonster
$25 key2free (many no credit card offers)

I have a few more including some trainn sites.
Please post to this thread and pm me if interested.

I may be new to this but i am also a testament to the fact that this does work. My tr is 7 and going up. My paypal is verified and i am available to help you almost anytime.[/colorb159aa4956][/sizeb159aa4956][bb159aa4956][/bb159aa4956]


26-01-2008 07:06:48

PM'd u


26-01-2008 19:29:10

bumpety bump bump