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College.YourGiftsFree.Com $25-$27[/color4bb5b62f86][/size4bb5b62f86]

This is a great site for everyone
[list4bb5b62f86] $50/green
1-credit site
Lifetime Green (green forever)
Offers Gifts, Paypal, Custom Order
INSTANT Payouts[/listu4bb5b62f86]The YourGiftsFree Network has been in the freebie business for almost two years and have shipped over $400,000 in gifts. They have a large selection of offers, and offer great customer support.[/size4bb5b62f86][/color4bb5b62f86]

If you are new I am glad to help you learn the ropes. I am available on AIM almost all the time. I completed my first freebie two years ago (back when Gratis was still the most popular network). In addition, YGF now has a crediting tutorial video that you can find here[=http//yourgiftsfree.com/tutorial.php]here[/color4bb5b62f86]


I am offering[/size4bb5b62f86][/color4bb5b62f86] $25[/size4bb5b62f86][/color4bb5b62f86] per referral. If you green in the first 12 hours, have an extra [/size4bb5b62f86][/color4bb5b62f86]$2[/size4bb5b62f86][/color4bb5b62f86] bonus.[/size4bb5b62f86][/color4bb5b62f86]

BONUS NEXT REFERRAL liTO GREENli GETS A $10 iTunes GIFT CERTIFICATE THROWN IN[/size4bb5b62f86][/color4bb5b62f86]

I will pay on approval (almost always within 48 hours of green) if you have less than 10 TR or no posts. Otherwise, paying on [/color4bb5b62f86]green[/color4bb5b62f86].

PM me if you are interested[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=7421]PM me if you are interested[/size4bb5b62f86]


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