Paying $30 for a referral! Bonus available

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24-01-2008 15:10:14

Hi all --

I'm paying $30 via PayPal for referrals on You need to sign up and complete 1 Level A offer.

I will pay $35 to people who green within 24 hours!

There are a bunch of easy offers to complete. I, personally, did a $1 offer when I signed up.

Post on here or send me a PM for the link! Thanks!

[I'm also on and, if you've seen me before, with good ratings on both of those. This is my first post here though!] =)


28-01-2008 07:59:37

Bump! Still looking for 3 referrals ASAP! =)


28-01-2008 08:21:18

I just PM'ed you for a link!

Thank you! D



29-01-2008 08:20:08

Bump! Still need 2!