Lets make Money - Honest Trader Seeking Cash Seekers

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23-01-2008 23:06:32

I'm new, but I am honest, loyal and hardworking - and looking to work with people who are interested in making some money! I have the following offers

cashrewards.git-r-free.com -- paying an easy $20 !! 1 credit

freebies4me.net -- paying $30 + 5 dollar bonus if completed in 48 hrs! 1 credit

freebiemonster.net -- paying an easy $20 + 5$ bonus if completed in 48 hrs! 1 credit!

yourps34free.com -- paying an easy $20 + 5$ bonus if completed in 48 hours
(Trainn site - complete ONE of the level A offers to green!)

If you go red, a refund must be given - I won't cheat you, please don't try and cheat me...

If your TR is less than 10 - i reserve the right to pay on approval rather than green - Just play fair and everything works out quickly.

If you have questions, leave a note here or PM me - Alaska Daylight time = -4 hours earlier than east coast USA. Online well into the night for most folks ...

Thanks for reading my thread - PM me with your request for the site you want to complete and I will send you my link. DO NOT COMPLETE OFFERS WITHOUT FIRST GETTING A LINK!

Dkincaid - Alaska Railroader


24-01-2008 19:25:13



25-01-2008 17:41:54

Waiting for people who want my money! Come and get some!