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22-01-2008 19:19:59

[b6f55a30db9]Make Over $300 Today trading with me[/size6f55a30db9][/b6f55a30db9]

[b6f55a30db9]Newbies to Freebie Pro's are welcome to trade![/b6f55a30db9][/size6f55a30db9]

I am paying [b6f55a30db9]ON GREEN[/b6f55a30db9], to referrals who complete these sites. As long as your paypal verified, you will recieve money within 24 hours.


1.Must stay in contact, if no contact for 3 days, trade is considered cancled
2.If you are reporting MCR must let me know asap.
3.If you go red I expect the money back [b6f55a30db9]right away[/b6f55a30db9] or you will be reported, but if you go back green money will be sent back asap.

[b6f55a30db9]$$$REFERRAL RATES$$$[/b6f55a30db9][/size6f55a30db9]

[b6f55a30db9]Logitech.v-bux.com $35[/color6f55a30db9]

Apple.v-bux.com $40[/color6f55a30db9]

Bose.v-bux.com $40[/color6f55a30db9]

Sony.v-bux.com $65[/color6f55a30db9]

Dell.v-bux.com $65[/color6f55a30db9]

Highrollers.v-bux.com $85[/color6f55a30db9][/b6f55a30db9]

[b6f55a30db9]View the offers at http//www.v-bux.com/offers[/size6f55a30db9][/b6f55a30db9][/color6f55a30db9]


For[b6f55a30db9] anyone who greens within 24 hours recieves $10[/color6f55a30db9] [/b6f55a30db9]bonus

For [b6f55a30db9]anyone who greens within 48 hours recieves $5[/color6f55a30db9][/b6f55a30db9] bonus

[b6f55a30db9]Please PM me or post a reply to initiate a trade[/size6f55a30db9][/color6f55a30db9][/b6f55a30db9]

[b6f55a30db9]If you need help PM me at ANY time or contact me through e-mail and I will have no problem at all answering any questions[/size6f55a30db9][/b6f55a30db9][/color6f55a30db9]

[b6f55a30db9]15+ Rating at A4F[/size6f55a30db9][/b6f55a30db9][/color6f55a30db9]


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Help me build my TR on FIPG )


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