Newbie Friendly... EASY 1OFFER SITE...Make that fast $25 Now

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22-01-2008 17:55:43

Hi there,[/coloredebdc10f8]

If you have not gone green on the trainn site

I am looking to pay out $25 for greens on this site... PayPal verified.
It is the easiest site I have come across so far, I completed it in only a few minutes and with one offer!![/sizeedebdc10f8] [/coloredebdc10f8]

I will also pay for $25 for a green on PLUS BONUS

$5 Bonus paid when green within 72 hours of trade setup!!

Post a comment on this post letting me know you are interested.

I can remember being a newbie myself , so I am more than happy to lend you any advice you need on completing this site.

After... you post the comment feel free to PM me. [/coloredebdc10f8]

I am an honest Christian housemom, and am dedicated to holding up my end of our trade. ie... don't worry you'll get paid)
GRAB A HOLD OF THIS OPERTUNITY!![/sizeedebdc10f8][/coloredebdc10f8]



22-01-2008 18:11:10

I will also pay $25 for a green on this site...


PLUS $5 BONUS if completed in 72 hours.
This site is a 1 credits site but will take more than one offer.

Green Monkey