Can do OC, Credit Card Offers, maybe other OOD's!!!

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21-01-2008 08:07:14

Hello fellow traders,

I started doing freebies a while ago but left for a while and now I'm back. I can do credit card offers and maybe other OOD's. Get back to me with your site and I'll let you know what I can do.

Keep in mind I'm not a noob, I've seen OC sites get up to $100, so please, generous offers only, lol. )

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21-01-2008 08:10:15

$50 http// 2credits
$30 1 credit
$25 http// 2 credit (all one credit offers)
$25 alot of no cc offers you can green for free! 1 credit
$22 http// 1 credit
$20 http// 1 credit
$20 http// 1 credit
$22 http// 1 credit
$5 http// no cc site
$7 http// no cc site
make money for nothing!!!!!!!!!!
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21-01-2008 08:30:59

[b8623e94a7a]I have an easy 1 credit site.[/b8623e94a7a]


[b8623e94a7a]Its new and you can cash out with 1 Ref. Over and Over again.[/b8623e94a7a]

I pay $20 on green[/color8623e94a7a]


21-01-2008 10:20:32

$125 for Platinum.Wish4Free
It's a 5 credit site.


21-01-2008 10:23:22

PM Sent

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21-01-2008 11:09:11

I need these two sites done if you are interested! Thanks!

1 Credit

sandra habina

21-01-2008 11:16:50

WOW all good traders above. I have a few sites. How about $35 on 60.MACROBUCKS 1 credit or $50 PLASMAS.ZPT new 2 credit