Green For a Green

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El Rey

20-01-2008 19:28:40


I'm currently on the YourFreeiPhone site by Trainn

Essentially we're all trying to get our own free items so why not scratch each others backs?

So a green for a green. PM me if interested. Thanks everyone!


El Rey

20-01-2008 19:53:57

Should also mention i'm not registered with any sites except the yourfreeiphone by trainn and the apple macrobucks site. that's it.

I'm open to green you if you green me.

El Rey

20-01-2008 20:47:35

Last Thing

I want you to feel completely comfortable when trading a green with me since i just signed up to this site.

I'm a trusted eBay seller for 5 years now with over 99% positive feedback.

eBay Seller name TheJuicebox