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20-01-2008 01:58:51

I'm looking for some referrals on a great new site. Its part of the Wish4Free network, best of all with this site [b5fd4d69aec][u5fd4d69aec]you can repeat this site as many times as you want![/u5fd4d69aec][/b5fd4d69aec] You don't have to worry any more about not being able to re-do sites, just keep making money.

Its simple

$15 for each referral on a [u5fd4d69aec][b5fd4d69aec]repeatable site[/b5fd4d69aec][/u5fd4d69aec]. That's all I need, so any takers? And [b5fd4d69aec]the cool thing is, the payout is [u5fd4d69aec]40 bucks per referral![/b5fd4d69aec][/u5fd4d69aec]

I'm an established trader with a good history and I'm good with keeping an open line of communication. I pay upon completion of the site and am willing to answer any questions you'd like. So come help me out and make some money!

Holy D


22-01-2008 10:57:03

Bump. Anyone interested? Please?


24-01-2008 21:59:19

B + U + M + P = Bump!


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Bump for some help!


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