I'm Back Baby! Offering close to $30 per green! CHECK IT OUT

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19-01-2008 13:31:48

Trying out a couple sites. Let me know if you're interested in trying them. I'm offering $25 paypal for green however, if you go green within 48 hours, I will give you $27 paypal!

Gaming.Free4me.net 6/11 (0 Pending)


TigerDirect.2DollarDeals.com 0/12 (0 Pending)

So to recap, $27 PAYPAL AVAILABLE ON 48 HOUR GREEN! Please either PM me or reply to this thread if you're interested. Extremely easy offers with quite a few instant ones available. Thanks and I'm here to help walk you through if you're a newbie.


19-01-2008 17:30:51

I'm interested, and I am a newbie, so I would appreciate it if you could let me know how to start. Thanks!


19-01-2008 18:58:35


Welcome to FLR. Are you familiar with the freebie scene? Have you read any of the tutorials available? Just want to get an idea how much knowledge you have.

Take a look at




Which site would you like to try? Let me know and we'll get started.