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19-01-2008 07:05:40

Get On the Money TRAINN[/colorb33b5c14ad][/sizeb33b5c14ad]
paying $23 for all greens!!![/colorb33b5c14ad][/sizeb33b5c14ad]

I am a well experienced trader and a veteran of the freebie industry. This has been a very prosperous venture for me, and I would like to help you to profit from it as well. I have been completing offer sites and surveys for cash for about 4 years now. So, I have seen this industry grow from the meager Get Paid To sites into the stronger, more mature Incentive Freebie Sites that are increasingly popular these days.

All of the sites that I offer require ONLY ONE OFFER to go green. This eases the stress of trying to get credits as well as gives you a good base for starting your cash flow from trading. Trades are limited to the number of referrals you see listed beside each site (0/0 format). PM me if you are interested with the site(s) that you want to do. (2/5) (0/11) (0/10) (0/7)[/colorb33b5c14ad][/sizeb33b5c14ad]

- trades must be confirmed immediately; if not accepted within 24 hours they will be canceled without further notice

- the payout for any trade not completed within 24 hours will decrease by $5

- to receive payment for your green, you MUST have a verified Paypal account

- all greens will be paid immediately upon approval (2-4 days), due to the high amount of fraud within this network

- if you are not green on any site, and I do not hear from you within 2 days of trade setup, it will be canceled without further notice