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18-01-2008 16:48:53

Let me make you [b95fc63cc27]money[/color95fc63cc27][/b95fc63cc27]!
I am paying [b95fc63cc27]$30 per Green[/b95fc63cc27] on YourIpodTouch4Free.com, an easy [b95fc63cc27]1 credit[/b95fc63cc27] Trainn site! [/size95fc63cc27]

http/" alt=""/img72.imageshack.us/img="72/8201/ipodof0.jpg[" alt=""/img95fc63cc27]

[i95fc63cc27][size=1295fc63cc27][b95fc63cc27]Send me a PM or post here so we can start making you some cash![/b95fc63cc27][/size95fc63cc27][/i95fc63cc27]
Rules [/b95fc63cc27]
li Please go green within 48 hours.
li If I don't hear from you within 72 hours, I will assume you are no longer interested.
li If at any time you account goes "red", I am no longer obligated to pay you and you must refund all previous payments.
li If you have >5 TR, payment will be made instantly. <5 TR, payment will be made on approval.
[b95fc63cc27]li Have fun, this is supposed to be enjoyable![/b95fc63cc27]

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20-01-2008 17:39:15

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