3days ONLY>>$54 rocket, $54 Macro, $45 Key2free, LIVE

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=73023


17-01-2008 19:32:10

WELCOME, if its money that you want I GOT IT FOR YOU![/sized508cce28c]
[bd508cce28c]PM me your email for the guide, youíll get it A.S.A.P. IF you want Live Support Just Ask by PMing or leaving
a reply!! I will spend hours helping newbies get started and help them get an understanding for trading.

SUBMIT TRADES GREEN 4 GREEN[/colord508cce28c][/sized508cce28c]
[bd508cce28c]Just post reply, let me know which site you want for your site.
Trade record on this forum determines who goes first.
I base my decision on price per referral of the site.[/bd508cce28c]

[id508cce28c][bd508cce28c]100% payout on any of the repeatable sites if you complete one of my other sites (you will be paid for the other site as well). You must do other site first. Paid on Green.[/bd508cce28c][/id508cce28c]

$5 BONUS for Key2free done in 24hrs[/sized508cce28c]

THE REPEATABLE 1 CREDIT SITE LIST[/sized508cce28c][/colord508cce28c]
[bd508cce28c][id508cce28c]These sites are fully repeatable and are green for life. What is Green for Life?
Green for life means you never have to do another offer for the site after your initial credit. liliIMPORTANTlili if you want to make money this is the way to go![/id508cce28c][/bd508cce28c]
ALL PAYOUTS ON GREEN, see exceptions below. [/colord508cce28c][/sized508cce28c]

$54 for ROCKETBILLS = >[/colord508cce28c] View OFFERS[=http//www.rocketbills.com/viewoffers.php]View OFFERS

$54 for 60.MACROBUCKS = >[/colord508cce28c] View OFFERS[=http//60.macrobucks.com/viewoffers.php]View OFFERS

$45 for KEY2FREE = >[/colord508cce28c] View OFFERS[=http//www.key2free.com/paypal/viewoffers.php]View OFFERS

$32 for CASHREWARDS.GIT-R-FREE = >[/colord508cce28c] View OFFERS[=http//cashrewards.git-r-free.com/view_offers.php]View OFFERS

$32 for ZEROPRICETAGS = >[/colord508cce28c] View OFFERS[=http//zeropricetags.com/view_offers.php]View OFFERS


>>>>TIME PAYOUT REDUCTIONS[/colord508cce28c][/sized508cce28c]
[id508cce28c]Prices listed above will only be paid in full if green in 24hrs of Trade Setup.
$5 subtracted between 24 and 72hrs, and another $5 after 72hrs. I can make exceptions to traders who show good faith by great communication.[/id508cce28c]

OTHER SITES NEEDED TO BE DONE![/colord508cce28c][/sized508cce28c]
On green as well.

$25 TECH.HOTGIFTS4YOU = >[/colord508cce28c] View OFFERS[=http//tech.hotgifts4you.com/viewoffers.php]View OFFERS

$25 YOURFREEISTUFF = >[/colord508cce28c] ask to view offers

$25 DESKTOPCOMPUTERS4FREE = >[/colord508cce28c] ask for offers

$25 wii.123STUFFORFREE = >[/colord508cce28c] View Offers[=http//wii.123stuffforfree.com/viewoffers.php]View Offers

$30 THEFREEBIELIFE = >[/colord508cce28c] View Offers[=http//www.cash.thefreebielife.com/olist.php]View Offers

[bd508cce28c]RULES / TERMS / POLICIES[/sized508cce28c][/bd508cce28c]
>For any of my sites I must receive a Paypal verified link. PM me this link.
if you need help just PM me.
>IF your Trade Record is lower then mine, payment on GREEN may take 24hrs.
>If I set up a trade with you, you must sign up for the site within 24 hrs, you must update the trade module, and you must turn green within 3 days or PM me updating your status. If you fail to meet this I reserve the right to delete the trade
>If you Turn RED, Lose your credit, or just not GREEN anymore on my site I will REQUEST A REFUND
This payment is in advance or for you turning green on the given site. If for some reason you turn RED on the site this payment is forfeited and will require a refund.
Iím sorry, but I donít want to wait forever for money, so if you go yellow and stay that way for 7 days, I reserve the right to cancel the trade. My job is to pay you for green, how many tries it takes you is your job.


You must reply to this post before PMing me! I will not reply to your PM unless you do! Thanks for the Help.

These are not the links they will be given to you in the trade module. Do not forget to clear cookies! If you have any questions PM me. If you want to help me by doing a trade PM me and weíll set it up!
Official PayPal Seal
PM me to find out about other ways to make money online![/sized508cce28c]
NoCreditCard.YourGiftsFree.com $30
60.macrobucks.com $240 (4x $60)
rocketbills.com $300 (5x $60)
cashrewards.git-r-free.com $120
money.whypayitsfree.com $100
zeropricetags.com $200
youripodnano4free.com $250


18-01-2008 19:22:40