Need just one green for flashipods4free and yournintendowii.

Live forum:


15-01-2008 23:00:50

yournintendowii4free ) sorry not enough space
but yeah im willing to pay $25 paypal for anyone who does those sites
I am +47 trader on A4f and would rather pay after green but if you dont trust me enough to do that sorry...havent been on fipg since it went down way back when for a bit but Ive been active on other sites...
so send me a pm or something...
thanks! oops


18-01-2008 18:52:19

hey i also need flashipods4free 2 referrals
$25 paypal fast

another site i need is which requires two offers to be done but I am offering $40 for this site

Let me know