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15-01-2008 07:05:01

Hey, Take A Peak!![/colore79ef5786d][/sizee79ef5786d]

Please read my entire thread before you decide if you would like to trade with me.[/sizee79ef5786d][/colore79ef5786d]
Hi There!! I'm new here on [be79ef5786d]FiPG[/be79ef5786d], but I've been around [be79ef5786d]FLR[/be79ef5786d] for quite a bit.
Feel free to check me out on the other forums... Same trader name.
I require that you be paypal verified. All moneys exchanged go through paypal only.
I put no time limit on greening. However I do offer incentives the faster you do.
If you go red, a refund goes without saying.[/colore79ef5786d]
I ask that you communicate with me once a day, until you green, with status updates.
The more PM’s the better. I am here to help you. Helping you, helps me![/colore79ef5786d]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/sizee79ef5786d]
I Have Decided To Start With All 1 Credit/1 Referral Sites…..
They are the easiest to get you started if you are a new-comer!.....
The Sites I Am Working On Are My First Greens…..[/colore79ef5786d]

lilili[/colore79ef5786d]If you have a Trade Rating of 3 or less...lilili[/colore79ef5786d]
lilili[/colore79ef5786d]I pay on approval, not on green...lilili[/colore79ef5786d]
lilili[/colore79ef5786d]This means, when I get paid - you get paid.lilili[/colore79ef5786d]
lilili[/colore79ef5786d]I am only offering 1 referral sites, approval will not take long.lilili[/colore79ef5786d]

$18 to go Green/$20 if Green within 4 days/$23 if Green within 24 hours[/colore79ef5786d][/sizee79ef5786d]

$22 to Green/$24 within 4days/$27 within 24 hours[/colore79ef5786d][/sizee79ef5786d]

$30 to Green/$34 within 4days/$38 within 24 hours[/colore79ef5786d][/sizee79ef5786d]

$36 to Green/$40 within 4days/$44 within 24 hours[/colore79ef5786d]

$45 to Green/$50 within 4days/$55 within 24 hours[/colore79ef5786d][/sizee79ef5786d]

$27 to Green/$30 within 4days/$33 within 24 hours[/colore79ef5786d][/sizee79ef5786d]

$16 to Green/$18 within 4days/$21 within 24 hours[/colore79ef5786d][/sizee79ef5786d]

$11 to Green/$13 within 4days/$15 within 24 hours[/sizee79ef5786d][/colore79ef5786d]

And Finally What You've All Been Asking For.....
No CC Sites!!!
$5 to Green/$6.50 within 4days/$8 within 24 hours[/colore79ef5786d]

I do have many other sites available...
If you'd like more options... PM me!
All of the listed sites have Canadian friendly offers too, Look![/colore79ef5786d]

As I complete more sites, I will add them to my thread and offer them to you.[/colore79ef5786d]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/sizee79ef5786d]
I am a stay-at-home-mommy and unless it's Thursday (hubby's payday),
I am always checking my e-mail and such throughout the day!!
[Please make note of FLR in the subject area][/colore79ef5786d]

- - - - - When you have decided - - - - -[/colore79ef5786d][/sizee79ef5786d]
PM me (or post here) that you are ready to go and which site you have chosen…
I will set up the trade in trade manager and PM you back with the referral link.
You must use the referral link I send or I will not get credit and you will not get paid!
Confirm the trade in Trade Manager.
Click on the referral link and begin!![/colore79ef5786d]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/sizee79ef5786d]
[be79ef5786d]A few starter tips to ensure proper crediting.....[/be79ef5786d][/colore79ef5786d]
Turn off all spyware, etc.
Enable cookies and allow pop-ups.
Before each site you join, clear your cache and cookies, then click the referral link.[/colore79ef5786d]
[be79ef5786d]I would like to share a few things I learned in the beginning on my own…[/colore79ef5786d][/be79ef5786d]

Every site you join when you green for others,
you are giving yourself the opportunity to earn your own prizes!!
~~Choose an offer that will be easiest for you to complete [1 referral or 3 referral]~~
~~You will receive your own referral link to pass on to others.~~
Take your time!!
~~Spelling mistakes or wrong numbers will cause you to lose out on your credits.~~
Read each offer Carefully!!
~~Some offers have hidden fees & trial periods, you will find yourself losing money – fast!~~
Take Notes!!
~~Do NOT repeat any Sites~~
~~Do NOT repeat any Offers~~
~~I suggest you open a credit card & e-mail address specifically for offer sites.~~
~~Print all confirmation pages.~~
~~Save all confirmation e-mails.~~
Be Patient!!
~~Not all offers credit when they say they will.~~
~~There are ways to get the credits you deserve.~~[/colore79ef5786d]


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17-01-2008 15:53:57

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18-02-2008 13:39:35

Hi there,
I have found it really difficult to get greens on the forum without a good trade record, and you need to be atleast a 4 to set up a trade with someone else under 4 i.e. a newbie. You may want to consider going green for someone else to bring up your trade record... just a suggestion. Have a great day!!

Hey I am a mom of 4! 20 month old twins make up 2 of them.