Newbie What do I do?

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14-01-2008 23:06:15


I am a newbie.... What do I do to make $..


14-01-2008 23:33:37

You can start by searching through the forum. After you get some idea, start completing offers for other members with 4 trades and up. There tons of people waiting newbies to be their referrals. Before doing offers, ask questions that you have so you are clear to what you're doing. Trust me, it will save you A LOT of trouble. Start going through the forum and let them know you're interested in doing offers. I hope this helps.

If you want, PM me and I'll help you guide through the whole process.


14-01-2008 23:37:15

I sent you a PM with how to get credit let me know if your interested !


15-01-2008 00:21:08

PM me if you need help or are looking for some offers!!

sandra habina

15-01-2008 00:37:40

Welcome - I would be very happy to guide you with doing trades and making money now. Read the rules in the red box above too. PM sent


15-01-2008 04:04:11


I am a newbie.... What do I do to make $..

Hi my name is Jack

First choose some one to do a ref for. They will set up the trade after which you will enter your info to access the link. There will be offers for you to complete to go green. Be sure to check rules and regulations and get the infomation to cancel the ref's that you do. This is important that you cancel the ref within 7 to 14 days so that a montly charge is not made against you. When you have completed the required refs, you will go green.

Am P.M. ing you some sites



15-01-2008 06:03:03

Welcome to FIPG. I sent you a PM with some information and some offers.


15-01-2008 22:12:37