$50 for Freethirty.com

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13-01-2008 18:27:44

I am promoting a new site and I am offering $50 for your green on www.freethirty.com[]www.freethirty.com. Please do not sign up through the link, but do check out the offers available and also their list of prizes. You will find a unique assortment of items to choose from for your own referrals. Sign up as my referral and I will also green you on Freebies4me.net. PM me and lets set it up.

My Rules

I pay on Green...the day you go green you will be paid.
You must be Paypal Verified.
You must not be Red on Freebies4me or any of its partner sites (I will check this before payment).
I will pay $50 and i will even cover your paypal fees so you will be guaranteed to receive $50.
If you go red on Freethirty for any reason I expect a full refund of your payment.

Again PM me for details...I may be new at trades but I am the proud owner of Freebies4me and its reputation speaks for itself.


14-01-2008 10:09:01

Daily Bump...this site is 1 referral cashout...great site and great payouts await!


25-01-2008 10:21:41

This offer still stands...Free Green at Freebies4me AND $50 for going green on Freethirty.com ! Get it done now while this offer stands!


25-01-2008 11:27:04

I send you a PM for more info !