I WILL PAY $220 For doing three sites. OR $105 For one site

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10-01-2008 17:34:23

Hello everyone, I am here to make this network work for you and I. I work with one other sites (with the same name) I want to get this forum running. I believe you should be paid well for your work so my trades are above industry standards. I have included comments from my past trades (all at the bottom) for you to see how I work with my traders. Also if you see some improvements you would like to see on my thread please post them and let me know so I can make them.

Referral Swapper 18

If you do all three moneybonanzas.com sits I will pay $220. That is a $16 dollar bonus on already high payouts.

one credit
http//www.cash.moneybonanzas.com $32 upon green

two credits
http//www.gifts.moneybonanzas.com $67 upon green

three credits
http//145.moneybonanzas.com $105 up green

one credit
http//wwwfreebiemonster.net $25 upon green

three credit site
http//laptops.macrobucks.com $90 upon green

Excellent trader and fast payer on Green. sanvika1 ( +3 ) 9/06/2007 view swap
Great trader to work with. Fast Payer on Green. Look forward to more deals. sanvika1 ( +3 ) 9/04/2007 view swap
Whew... tough site, but Jobstane stuck with me all the way! Thank you! sunnys123 ( +8 ) 8/30/2007 view swap
GREAT SITE... ONE OF MY FAVORITE TO TRADE WITH. THANKS ff_champ2002 ( +10 ) 8/19/2007 view swap
Very helpful...I wasn't the fastest in the world for this one...not all my fault...But Jobstane helped me right thru. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING JOBSTANE ff_champ2002 ( +10 ) 8/18/2007 view swap
Yes, yes, awesome as usual. I love it when I get money. Thank you!! sunnys123 ( +8 ) 8/17/2007 view swap
Jobstane was sooo patient with me, made all this so very easy! Thank you! sunnys123 ( +8 ) 8/14/2007 view swap
Amazing... I just keep makin money! Wonderful Trader! sunnys123 ( +8 ) 8/14/2007 view swap
Thank you Thank you! Awesome trade! sunnys123 ( +8 ) 8/14/2007 view swap
Great swap...patient and fast payment! AAA+++ Agloco ( +18 ) 8/11/2007 view swap
Fast paypal payment. Easy to work with! tmotley ( +39 ) 8/09/2007 view swap
Very understanding and helpful swapper, i had a few problems with the site but they helped me out greatly! Highly recommended! =] Kana16 ( +9 ) 8/08/2007 view swap
Excellent Swapper! A++++ Fast Payment! Generousape ( +24, -2 ) 8/01/2007 view swap
Took me under his wing and was happy to help out with every step!I would be happy to trade with him again. hwsteele ( +1 ) 7/28/2007 view swap
Fast pay on green plus bonus, great swapper, highly recommend!!! caledon ( +19 ) 7/27/2007 view swap
Great person to deal with...extremely helpful. Thanx so much for your help and fast payment! Let's do it again!! Servin1125 ( +15 ) 5/31/2007 view swap
Awesome trader! Instant payment! Recommended! A++++ iPodWizard ( +13 ) 5/29/2007 view swap


12-01-2008 13:09:19

I like you to do my offers.


12-01-2008 16:14:18

hi I'd like to do this one for the $105


17-01-2008 20:53:55

Who is next to work with me.


27-01-2008 04:14:16

Post this


28-01-2008 20:24:39