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Let's both profitli+linewby friendlyli+li live supportli+liGREAT SITESli+li
http//i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb293/fairydance2000/tags/welcomethanxfriends/thbbhello-1.gif[" alt=""/img166979cce0]

Here is a trader who remembers what it was like to be a Newbie! I can offer you live assistance, detailed instruction and unlimited
patience. I would love to help you get started in a profitable, fun
The sites below are some that I am currently working on and recommend
highly - they are credible companies that pay well and often. Just click on the links to
check out the offers. Do Not do any offers until you have contacted me
for the referral link. You cannot get paid without a referral link.

These are some one (1) credit sites
http//logitech.v-bux.com$30 green
http//apple.v-bux.com $35 green
http//bose.v-bux.com $35 green
http//Sony.v-bux.com $55 green
http//Dell.v-bux.com $55 green
http//christmas.v-bux.com $55 green
http//highrollers.v-bux.com $70 green
view www.v-bux.com/offers
liliBONUSlili If you go green on any one of the sites above within 24 hours,
I will pay you a $5.00 Bonus~~~$15 if you complete 2 sites and
green within 24 hours.

http//60.ourloot2boot.com $35 green
http//ps3.ourloot2boot.com $25 green
http//giftcards.ourloot2boot.com $25 green

http//40.macrobucks.com $25 green
http//60.macrobucks.com $35 green
http//giftcards.macrobucks.com $20 green

Here are some 2 credit sites
http//100.expressbux.com $50 green
http//doublecash.zeropricetags.com $50 green
http//double.mjrewardz.com $40
If you have a particular site you would like to do, other than the ones
listed above, let me know.

Just use the links above to check out the offers. When you are ready for
a trade, let me know and I will give you the link in the trade manager.
There are a few things you will need to know if you are new at this.
Let me know and I will give you step by step instructions to help ensure
the crediting process.

You can post a reply to this thread and then PM me. I am also available
on YIM "cascadian777" or AIM "advntg777". I am at my computer almost all
day, every day - you can feel free to call on me for questions. If I
don't know, I will find out.


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