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09-01-2008 03:59:48

I have a couple of new sites I would like everyone to try out first off I am paying $22 for the following sites .

http// $22 on Green 1 credit tons of new offers

http// $22 on green

http// $22 on green new $1 trial offers and an awesome 1 credit $2 offer

http// $15 on Green to Complete a $1 Trial offer or a free offer

[b3af64e4975]$50 on Green for this 2 Credit Site D New Offers take a look for your self green for $6 D http//[/b3af64e4975]

[b3af64e4975]I am paying $25 per green for Train your 3604Free so please let me know if your interested ! Priority for this site !

Thanks for looking at my thread I would recomend the first two sites for anyone just starting out send me a PM if you need help these sites credit well and have great support look for some payments posts later on D .

Dont forget my easy 3 Step Process !

One Pm me to set up the trade !

Sign up and complete and offer to go green

Get Paid

See I have maney happy traders why shouldnt you be next ? D

I will be online so feel free to send me a message ! D[/size3af64e4975]


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10-01-2008 14:11:06

I am still needing refs for the Free Spree send me a PM D .


10-01-2008 14:47:05

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10-01-2008 20:16:43

send me the site with the 500 dollard visa


11-01-2008 10:08:28

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Thanks for being a great ref!


12-01-2008 04:35:32

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