Trading's Dead, So now I have to pay even bigger :)

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08-01-2008 18:45:45

Hey there folks... My name is Travis and I'm trying to get a few sites done here

They are very simple 1 credit sites, all of which have tons of offers, many of which are FREE and Now I'm paying 65-70% of the referral rate!![/colorae8c9cc8d6] You can't get that too often, but some money for me is better than no money for me ) ) ) I also offer a bonus if you green within 24 hours![/colorae8c9cc8d6]

I only have a few sites going right now because I need some quick cash and I'm willing to make it worth your while to get it )

I have a TR above 4 now, so Newbies are welcomed and I've gathered enough info to walk you through this painfully easily, with minimal frustration... I'VE MADE ALL THE MISTAKES SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!!

I'll help you out the best I can along the way and I'll always be in contact with you... I love trading and I take it seriously, so give me a shot!!!

Check 'em out
[bae8c9cc8d6][/colorae8c9cc8d6][/bae8c9cc8d6] ---> Site gives $60 per referral, you get $35! + $5 bonus if you green in 24 hours and this site is EASY
[bae8c9cc8d6][/colorae8c9cc8d6][/bae8c9cc8d6] ---> Site gives around $35/referral, I give you $20! + a $3 bonus if green in 24 hours!

[bae8c9cc8d6][/colorae8c9cc8d6][/bae8c9cc8d6] ---> Site pays $40/referral, and I'm paying you $26! + I'll give you an even $30 if you green in 24 hours.

You can't beat these prices, and you get the added bonus of me probably making you laugh during the process, and someone once told me laughter is priceless ) PM ME and let's make some freakin' money ) )

ALSO If you'd like, I've come up with a way to do offers that has really worked for me lately, in fact in the last almost 2 weeks, every offer I've completed has greened, so if you want me to explain that to you I'll be glad to!!! PM ME!!! Let me give you my money ) ) )

sandra habina

08-01-2008 22:14:14

This is a very serious honest trader guys. I have had the privilege to trade with him. He is great.

Travis - please send me the offers link.


09-01-2008 13:57:43

aww, thanks sandy )

p.s. if anyone is looking for the best person on the site to trade with, trade with sandra habina, she's a sage and she's fun to talk to )


11-01-2008 15:37:48

bump. thanks )


20-01-2008 09:03:49

bump me thanks you're the best

sandra habina

20-01-2008 14:55:23

Travis that site was 60.macrobucks for info.

sandra habina

01-02-2008 16:09:06

Travis can you let me know which trainn sites you have.


04-02-2008 18:34:25

cheer bump cheer

C Barry Smith

05-02-2008 10:25:41

I might be interested in your bump! In a little while!