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06-01-2008 13:49:34

I wil pay $40 apiece for "del.v-bux.com" and "sony.v-bux.com". Each is a 1 credit site and is easy and quick. I also have "rocketbills.com" and "cashparrot.com" which pay $20 each. If you are interested, I also have "somethin4nothin.com", a 2 credit site, It pays $60 and if you green within3 days, it pays $70. It has lots of offers and is easy to do. It's a great site for newbies, since you can earn good money on one site and is repeatable. I am here to help as much as you need and am almost always online. Note if you do sites for me, I want good communication. It is key to good trading. I pay by Paypal and expect a full refund if you go red. I believe in the "Golden Rule". If you are interested, PM me, and I will set up the trade. popeye D

sandra habina

06-01-2008 14:18:15

Just a suggestion dear - but list your sites that you have so traders can see them. Just no ref links. ok

Best of luck to you.


06-01-2008 14:46:11

Hello, Sandra! Thank you for the heads-up. I'm fairly new at this. Any help I can get is welcome. Charlie


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