$$Get Paid $20-$60 per site! TRAINN site; BONUS FOR TR 4+

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Hello, are you ready to start getting paid to complete offers[/color29b3ad7dec]????

If so, then you've come to the right place! I have helped many newbies get started and paid out hundreds of dollars for greens so far. I've just started trading here at FiPG thought so I'm still building my TR over here )[/size29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec](I also have a +32TR @ FLR & +4TR @ A4F, send me a PM for more info)[/b29b3ad7dec][/size29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec]BONUS!! Since I'm trying to build my TR here, I will pay a $3 bonus to any trader with a TR of 4 or more that goes green for me!! Just pick any of my sites, and if you have TR of 4 or more, I'll add $3 to the payment!![/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec][/size29b3ad7dec]

I have a bunch of easy one credit sites that are great sites to get started on!

I do not impose a time limit on going green -- I understand that sometimes it takes time to credit, or that maybe you just want to take it slow. All I ask is that you keep in contact with me and let me know your status -- good communication is [u29b3ad7dec]essential[/u29b3ad7dec] in this business ) li

[b29b3ad7dec]DO NOT SIGNUP THROUGH THESE LINKS -- PM ME FOR A REFERRAL LINK[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=32437]PM ME FOR A REFERRAL LINK
[/b29b3ad7dec](These links are just so you can take a look at the offers and see what you might be interested in)[/size29b3ad7dec]

These are [b29b3ad7dec]all 1 credit sites, unless otherwise noted[/b29b3ad7dec].
A "1 Credit Site" means that you must accumulate 1 credit to "go green".
Different offers are worth different credit amounts.
Check out a view offers link if you're confused and you'll see what I mean!

TRAINN sites are also great sites to start on, since you can generally go green by completing just 1 offer!!
(all the Level A offers are 1 offer to green, the Level B offers require you to reach 50 points to green)[/color29b3ad7dec]
http//www.yourfreeiphone.com/goods/14492944.png[" alt=""/img29b3ad7dec][=http//trainn.org/offlis.php][img="29b3ad7dec]http//www.yourfreeiphone.com/goods/14492944.png[" alt=""/img29b3ad7dec][/url]
[size=2029b3ad7dec][color=Green29b3ad7dec] $25 [/color29b3ad7dec][/size29b3ad7dec][color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec]on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]
[color=RoyalBlue29b3ad7dec][b29b3ad7dec]For a list of TRAINN offers, click here [url=]http//trainn.org/offlis.php[]http//trainn.org/offlis.php[/url].[/b29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec]
[color=#ff000029b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec]NOTE[/size29b3ad7dec] Due to increased number of referrals going red on TRAINN sites, if you have < 4 TR I will delay payment until 3 days after you green. This delay gives TRAINN enough time to verify account details. Sorry for the delay, but this has gotta stop )[/color29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec][color=DarkOrchid29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec]This is another good starting site! Lots of full credit offers, and lots of cheap 1/2 credit offers!
Usually very easy and cheap to green![/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec]
[url=]http//paypal.getstuff4free.org/viewoffers.php[]http//paypal.getstuff4free.org/viewoffers.php[/url][color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec] $20[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec][color=DarkOrchid29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec]Lots of $1 trial offers on this site!!![/size29b3ad7dec]
(it's possible to green for as little as $2!!)[/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]
[url==http//amex.freetomeandyou.com/viewoffers.php][img="29b3ad7dec]http/" alt=""/img223.imageshack.us/img="223/7449/headamexfreetomeandyoucmx0.jpg[" alt=""/img29b3ad7dec][=http//amex.freetomeandyou.com/viewoffers.php][img="29b3ad7dec]http/" alt=""/img223.imageshack.us/img="223/7449/headamexfreetomeandyoucmx0.jpg[" alt=""/img29b3ad7dec][/url]
[b29b3ad7dec][url=]http//amex.freetomeandyou.com/viewoffers.php[]http//amex.freetomeandyou.com/viewoffers.php[/url][color=green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec] $22[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] for green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec][color=DarkOrchid29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec]ANOTHER great site! This one is also a 1 credit site, but pays $10 more than most other 1 credit sites!![/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec]
[url=]http//60.ourloot2boot.com/viewoffers.php[]http//60.ourloot2boot.com/viewoffers.php[/url] [size=2029b3ad7dec][color=green29b3ad7dec]$30[/color29b3ad7dec][/size29b3ad7dec][color=green29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec][color=DarkOrchid29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec]Soooo many offers to choose from here, there's gotta be something you're interested in!![/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec]
[url=]http//cashrewards.git-r-free.com/view_offers.php[]http//cashrewards.git-r-free.com/view_offers.php[/url][color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec] $20[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]

[color=DarkOrchid29b3ad7dec][b29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec]These next sites are 1 ref to cash out![/size29b3ad7dec]
That means that if you want to turn around and get your own referrals for the site, [u29b3ad7dec]you only need to refer 1 person to get a payout[/u29b3ad7dec]!!![/b29b3ad7dec]
[size=1029b3ad7dec](the number of refs I'm mentioning doesn't have anything to do with the number of offers you'll need to complete to go green. These are all 1 credit sites, so you'll need to complete enough offers to reach 1 credit to go green. PM me if you're confused )[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec][url=]http//50.expressbux.com/viewoffers.php[]http//50.expressbux.com/viewoffers.php[/url] [color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec]$25[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]
[b29b3ad7dec][url=]http//games.getit4free.net/viewoffers.php[]http//games.getit4free.net/viewoffers.php[/url] [color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec]$20[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green
[b29b3ad7dec][color=DarkOrchid29b3ad7dec]Ourloot2boot cashes out after only 1 ref too!! (just do custom order - 03/4 NOTE currently ol2b has changed the min refs to cashout to 2 on their sites. They say it's temporary....)[/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]
[b29b3ad7dec][url=]http//giftcards.ourloot2boot.com/viewoffers.php[]http//giftcards.ourloot2boot.com/viewoffers.php[/url] [color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec]$20[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]
[b29b3ad7dec][url=]http//customorder.ourloot2boot.com/viewoffers.php[]http//customorder.ourloot2boot.com/viewoffers.php[/url] [color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec]$20[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]
[b29b3ad7dec][url=]http//ps3.ourloot2boot.com/viewoffers.php[]http//ps3.ourloot2boot.com/viewoffers.php[/url] [color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec]$20[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]
[b29b3ad7dec][url=]http//moms2b.ourloot2boot.com/viewoffers.php[]http//moms2b.ourloot2boot.com/viewoffers.php[/url] [color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec]$20[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec][color=DarkOrchid29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec]What can I say about the GiftMonster sites except they're wonderful! Quick crediting, lots of easy cheap offers...[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]
[b29b3ad7dec][url=]http//www.lcdmonster.net/viewoffers.php[]http//www.lcdmonster.net/viewoffers.php[/url][color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec] $20[/size29b3ad7dec] [size=1629b3ad7dec]on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec][color=DarkOrchid29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec]Only 2 refs to cash out on this one[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec]
[url=]http//www.yourhugerewards.com/viewoffers.php[]http//www.yourhugerewards.com/viewoffers.php[/url] [color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec]$30[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec][color=DarkOrchid29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec]I also have a couple V-Bux sites[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec]
[color=RoyalBlue29b3ad7dec]V-Bux sites use a percentage-based crediting system. To see a list of their offers and the % credit for each site, click here [url=]http//v-bux.com/offers[]http//v-bux.com/offers[/url].
The payout for these sites is higher because you'll probably have to complete more offers (and therefore spend more) to go green.[/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]

[b29b3ad7dec][url==http//v-bux.com/offers]http//christmas.v-bux.com[=http//v-bux.com/offers]http//christmas.v-bux.com[/url] [color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec]$50[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]
[b29b3ad7dec][url==http//v-bux.com/offers]http//highrollers.v-bux.com[=http//v-bux.com/offers]http//highrollers.v-bux.com[/url] [color=Green29b3ad7dec][size=2029b3ad7dec]$60[/size29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec] on green[/size29b3ad7dec][/color29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec]


[color=Purple29b3ad7dec]If you're looking for a particular site and don't see if listed here, feel free to ask! I have some other sites that I haven't listed here yet (Some bigger 2 credit sites, and some other sites. Just trying to not overwhelm my budget )[/color29b3ad7dec]

[color=RoyalBlue29b3ad7dec][size=1629b3ad7dec][u29b3ad7dec]A note about sites and payments for sites[/u29b3ad7dec][/size29b3ad7dec]
I know you probably are looking at the list and thinking "wow, I can get $50+ for just one site!" Well, that is true, but keep in mind that the sites that pay more are also the sites where you will most likely have to spend more to go green. If you're just getting started, it's probably best to start out on some of the "cheaper" sites in the $20-$30 range. That way you can go green by only doing a few offers, and you won't have to invest as much time or money up front before you start seeing money coming back. Then after you've gotten a few trades under your belt maybe if you want you can tackle some of the larger sites. I'm not trying to discourage you or anything, I just want to make sure you know what's involved before you dive in )

[color=Purple29b3ad7dec]I am an honest and reliable trader, if you'd like to see something else as a "reference" of sorts, you can view my ebay feedback, just look up JofCore on ebay

[size=2429b3ad7dec][color=DarkBlue29b3ad7dec]Just reply to this thread if you're interested!
or [url==http//forum.freeipodguide.com/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=32437]Click here to send me a PM (Private Message)![=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=32437]Click here to send me a PM (Private Message)![/url][/color29b3ad7dec][/size29b3ad7dec]

Confused? Bewildered? Wonder how it all works?
Asking yourself why people would pay you for this sort of thing? It's simple really; When you make money going green for me, I also make money for getting your green as my referral. Simple as that. Everyone's making money ) I'll tell you straight up right now though -- this probably isn't going to make you millions of dollars or get you rich quick or anything. It is possible however to make some extra money if you're willing to be patient and put in a little time to learn from the community. Going green by being a referral for someone else is the first step, that's where we all started; PM me for more info if you'd like me to help you understand the bigger picture and where to "go next" after you've gone green a few times. You can also look in the forum as there are numerous great posts on the big picture. (check the tutorials section!)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!! Even if you don't want to trade or don't want to trade yet, I'll answer any questions I can to the best of my ability.[/color29b3ad7dec][/size29b3ad7dec]

[size=929b3ad7dec]-- and remember! DO NOT sign up through these links; they're just there for you to view the offers. You [b29b3ad7dec][u29b3ad7dec]MUST[/u29b3ad7dec][/b29b3ad7dec] sign up using my referral link (which I will PM to interested parties) or you will not get paid!

[color=DarkOrange29b3ad7dec]li[/color29b3ad7dec] if I contact you multiple times and get no response, I may be forced to cancel the trade eventually... If I can't get a hold of you or don't hear anything in like a week or so and there's no activity )


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