want to make a $100 when you go green, newbie friendly too

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HEY CAN YOU USE A $100? then this the site for you. newbie friendly too.

the site requires 5 credits to green, i know this seems like a lot, but i am enclosing the link to the offers page, take a look. the way i figure it would take at the most $20 to green, but there are so many free offers and the amount above would be only if you got all 5credits by using 1/4 offers to green, there are 1/2 and 1/3 and i think there are even some 1 credit sites, and they have no cc sites also. so here is the deal, i am paying $100 when you go green on this site. did i mention that each referral is worth $200 and you can even cash out with one referral and you can do this site as many times as you want. personally i feel this is an excellent site. so check out this site and let me know if you would be interested in doing it and we can go from there. here is the offers link


take a look and i am sure you will like this site too, especially if you like making lots of money, over and over and over and over.



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